From: <> on behalf of Charlotte Minsky <>

Date: Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 10:30 PM

To: undergrads <>

Cc: ua-officers <>

Subject: [UA] Urgent updates on MIT’s response to COVID-19



Dear undergraduates,

We are writing to address the recent MIT Advisory message that you received regarding the new move-out date of Sunday night. We know there are many important and pressing questions and we do not have all the answers to them right now. However, we will address everything we can at this moment and will continue to communicate with the MIT administration to get you the information you need. Please feel free to continue using this form to send us any questions that you have.

Why was this decision made?

This decision was motivated by growing concerns over the last two days about the situation globally and in Boston, including the rapid increase in cases in Massachusetts, the shutdown of local schools, and travel restrictions being swiftly implemented across the world and throughout the country. Broadly speaking, these decisions are being made with guidance from public health officials who recommend us to employ a variety of strategies, including flattening the epidemic curve, to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. We will try to have more information for you about this in the near future. This decision was not due to a single event, issue, or case. We have no further information about the status of travel out of or into Boston in the coming days.


Why was this message sent out as an MIT advisory?

As you may have noticed, emails from President Reif and other administrators to the entire community are sent out in waves due to network constraints. Sending out the email and text message as an MIT Advisory ensured that all community members received this message instantaneously.


What is the status of exceptions to this policy in light of this change?

Students should continue to apply for exceptions from the move-out policy if they believe they are eligible, including students newly affected by this change. You do not need to submit another exemption form if you have already done so. All students will receive an answer by the end of the day tomorrow. We are soliciting further information about what any students who find themselves stuck in Boston due to any impending travel restrictions but do not have exceptions should do.


Is there any more information regarding storage assistance?

Please check here for information about free storage. We do not have additional information beyond this at this time. Some details will vary depending on residence halls.


What is the academic policy of MIT going to be?

The COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving and faculty are working around the clock to avoid placing additional stress on students. The Chair of the Faculty has provided us the following information today about grading and regulations for the remainder of the semester:


As you know, the Faculty Officers and members of the Covid-19 Academic Continuity Working Group have been working since Monday to develop “Emergency Academic Regulations” as required in view of the “Significant Disruption” of the spring semester that has been declared.  The regulations were finalized at meetings today and we expect to send out details by the end of the day tomorrow (Friday) ... Here is an excerpt from the final version of the regulations:


In view of the global pandemic, its effect on our students, faculty, and all the members of our community who support our educational program, and after extensive consultation and deliberation, it has been decided that “Alternate Grades” (PE, NE, and IE) as defined in Section 2.64 of Rules and Regulations of the Faculty must be used for all undergraduate and graduate full-term and Quarter 4 subjects this semester.  For Quarter 3 subjects, Instructors will decide whether to use letter or alternate grades.  Full details will be provided tomorrow.


Please continue to reach out and ask questions in this form. We will do our best to get them answered in a timely manner.



Charlotte Minsky

UA Vice President

on behalf of UA Officers