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What is FFF Digital?

Mission: FFF Digital is a digital movement of Fridays For Future that seeks to provide a way for those who cannot physically strike to raise their voice on the Internet, making the movement more accessible to those in the Global South, during outbreaks like COVID-19, etc. We seek to uplift the voices of local groups and empower them to apply pressure and awareness through the use of international themes. FFF (Fridays For Future) is a youth-led, international grassroots movement of students who strike weekly from school on Fridays in order to call on world leaders to unite behind the science by taking the climate crisis seriously and acting with urgency.

Social Media accounts:

  1. Instagram: @fff.digital
  2. Twitter: @fff_digital
  3. Facebook: FFF Digital
  4. Tik Tok: @fffdigital
  5. YouTube: FFF Digital


  1. Make the movement more inclusive
  2. Raise awareness of climate justice and science
  3. Put pressure on institutions and create change
  4. Uplift local groups
  5. Get as many passive people involved in the climate movement as possible

Get involved:

  1. Our basic how to digital strike toolkit: bit.ly/fffdigitaltoolkit
  2. Join our team (prioritizing people from Global South and underrepresented communities): bit.ly/fffdigitalteam

Contact us:

  1. fffdigitalstrike@gmail.com (general emails, partnerships, local group support)
  2. fffdigitalpress@gmail.com (press requests only)
  3. DM @fffdigitaloutreach on Instagram for outreach/partnership inquiries
  4. DM @fffdigitalsupport on Instagram for local group support inquiries

Why digital strike?

  • Create awareness in your school, with friends, and the online community.
  • To show that there is broad support from across the world that people want climate action now.
  • To raise up ordinary people’s voices in an easy way
  • Build a grassroots movement online that can mobilizes millions of passive supporters
  • Stand in solidarity with the weekly school strikers
  • It’s more accessible to a lot of people who can’t physically strike for a number of reasons
  • Raise awareness about important issues within the climate movement

How to digital strike:

  1. Find sign material (back of used paper, cardboard, whiteboard, get creative) (See tips to see other acceptable ways to create a sign)
  2. Grab a well inked dark colored marker, pen, or sharpie and write a climate message. We suggest it adhere to our weekly theme, but it can be as simple as “I stand with Fridays for Future” or a message about how climate change impacts you!  Click here for some creative sign suggestions.
  3. Post the picture on your social media accounts and tag @fff.digital/@fff_digital, @ your local FFF group if you’re part of one, #digitalstrike, #climatestrikeonline, and @ anyone who you would like to see your strike! We really encourage you to do this because it helps grow our movement!
  4. If you’re not willing to go public with your digital strike (no worries!!) on your account DM your picture to our Instagram (@fff.digital) or our Twitter (@fff_digital). If you DM it on Instagram, please send using keep in chat settings. (This is also important so our team can create the collages because stories disappear after 24 hours and not all mentions are seen). If you have a private Instagram account you will have to DM your picture to us and/or post it on your story and mention us.


General tips:

  1. Please zoom out! If you don’t back up farther from the camera we will have to cut off either part of your face or your climate message or both, and we don’t want to do that. You can use the timer on your camera to back away if you don’t have someone to take a good picture for you.
  2. Please keep your climate message close to your face. If it’s floating somewhere many inches away from your face it will be cut off
  3. Please no floating text. If you’re going to make your sign through Instagram follow the directions to make them clean and professional
  4. Don’t take your selfie through Instagram and DM it to us straight there if you’re using a traditional sign. The Instagram camera instantly mirrors everything backwards, and it would take our team extra work to mirror it correctly.
  5. As we specified in the How to Digital Strike section, please use a dark color writing utensil for a traditional sign. Signs written in light pencil or a light color will not show up well
  6. If you want your digital strike to show up in the first few collages, we strongly advise using a traditional sign as this option is cleaner and more professional.

How to make signs using the Instagram story features:

  1. Take a picture of yourself
  2. Use the classic or strong font and type your climate message
  3. Press the button to make the text highlighted
  4. If it does not make a complete square or rectangle, use some ink to make the text into a rectangle or square. PLEASE no messy scribbles.
  5. You can use the size slider on the left to adjust the format and size
  6. Add fun climate message gifs if you want to be creative


Making signs with a blank surface on Instagram:

  1. Take a picture of yourself with a blank surface like cardboard, paper, whiteboard, etc.
  2. Pull up your picture into the Instagram story feature
  3. Type your climate message and drag it onto the blank surface
  4. Tag @fff.digital, #digitalstrike, and #climatestrikeonline and post it to your story


How to digital strike if you don’t want to (or are not allowed to) show your face:

  1. Take a picture with your sign covering your face but show part of your body to show that there is an actual person behind the message. The reason we want to show that there’s a person behind it is to show the numbers of people supporting our movement, it’s not just about pictures of signs, anyone can do that.

  1. Take a picture with multiple friends that way your face shows up smaller.


  1. Get a picture of your pet holding your sign! That way it’s still a personalized message, and it also looks super cute!


  1. Ask us to blur out your face! You’ll still be able to recognize yourself, but it won’t be as visible.

Spreading our movement:

How to get other people involved on social media:

  1. Post the How-To Digital Strike graphics and digital strike promo graphics on your story and/or feed. (Instagram)
  2. Make sure you don’t just DM your pic and post it to your story/feed and tag us!
  3. Retweet our weekly digital strikes. (Twitter)
  4. If you manage an organization’s social media, spread the word by sharing to story/feed and retweeting.
  5. Post to your story our weekly digital strike posts. (Instagram)
  6. Tag friends you think should strike with you in your digital strike and on our posts
  7. Personally message friends you think might be interested in digital striking. (see below)
  8. Get your friends and other people in your school/other institution involved in digital strikes! (See Below)
  9. Share this toolkit: bit.ly/digitalstriketoolkit

Messages to Send to Friends to Digital Strike:

Initial message

Hey! Would you be interested in participating in digital strikes? I’ve been digital striking and I think you’d be interested because it’s an easy and fun way to support the climate movement!

If they say something along the lines of…

Respond with this!

What is that?

send them the digital strike graphic and How-To Digital Strike post or toolkit

Can you tell me more?

Many people digital strike because they cannot physically strike or participate in the Fridays for Future movement every friday. Digital striking is a great alternative to show your support for FFF and the climate movement! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with a sign once a week, post it on your story/feed and send it to @fff.digital on Instagram or @fff_digital on Twitter every Friday.

Sorry, I’m not interested

That’s ok! If you’re interested in supporting or participating in the climate movement in any other way, let me know!

This sounds like something I want to get involved in!

Thank you so much for your interest! We have a toolkit that gives you more information about our movement, and how you can be a part of it. Here’s the link: www.bit.ly/digitalstriketoolkit

Separate message:

Also, please follow us on IG @fff.digital and Twitter @fff_digital!

How to organize digital strikes in your school:

  1. Teach your friends what digital strike is
  2. Make a sign (or signs) as specified in How to Digital Strike
  3. Gather up friends or an entire club around the sign(s).
  4. Take a picture and send using the ways specified in How to Digital Strike

Examples of digital strikes in schools:

How you can make an impact:

If you tag a local representative or senator, you can flood their notifications and gain attention and spread awareness! Also tag celebrities that can use their platform to amplify our strikes! Here’s all the twitter handles for the U.S. 116th Congress. (We will add so more international things)

How to do Digital Strikes in your local FFF group

You can apply this to groups who only digital strike, or groups with some members who physically strike and some who digital strike.

  1. Teach your members about digital strike by showing this toolkit
  2. If possible, host a sign making party because it can be fun. If not, teach your members how to make digital strike signs on their own time.
  3. Ask your members to take pictures and post the signs, and tag your local group social media handle and FFF Digital Strike.
  4. Save all the photos and make a collage out of them with IG layout or other collage making app
  5. Post it to your social media and tag @fff.digital
  6. Check out our more in depth toolkit about digital striking for local groups


Click here to download and share!

Sign Suggestions:

Click here for a nice list of sign suggestions :)

While most weeks we have a theme, we also allow digital strikers to be creative with their sign if they choose to.

Check out our favorite digital strikes of all time for some inspiration here

Q and A:

1) Do I have to submit a picture every week?

If you want to help grow the movement, this is how it’s done. It might feel tedious, but the point of digital strikes is the same with physical strikes, to constantly remind people about the climate emergency we are in. Because usually every week we have a different theme, we sometimes use that theme to raise awareness about what’s going on in the world and we need people to stand in solidarity every week.

2) What makes this different than any other social media campaign?

FFF Digital is a social media campaign that takes place every week, it doesn’t end until the climate crisis does! And each week we highlight a different issue in the climate movement, so it’s not just the same thing every week.

3) How will this make a difference?

We know that although social media is very powerful, it’s only powerful when thousands of people are engaged in it. It might seem like a few people posting about it might not make a difference, but our goal is to create such a large grassroots movement online where every week people are raising their voices about the climate crisis to the point where it can’t be ignored. We also combine our digital protests with tangible actions like petitions, tweetstorms, cyberstorms, and more.

4) Do I have to have a social media account to do this?

No you don’t! As long as you have someone who can take pictures of your digital strike for you that has social media, we still welcome you to show your solidarity.