Tools and help for your visibility on Google

Google offers many documents and tools to help you build and maintain a web presence.

Webmaster Central, Search Console and friends

  1. Webmaster Central ( is our portal for all resources for webmasters.
  2. The Webmaster Help Center ( and the developer resources ( These cover all aspects about how to build a website for users, and how to make the site easier to index and show in Google search results.
  3. Search Console ( is a free tool for website owners to get insight about how Google crawls, indexes and renders their site, and how the site performs in search results.
  4. Follow our Blog for the latest news ( )
  5. Find help in our Help Forum (
  6. Learn the basics with the Webmaster Academy (
  7. Do you need an SEO? (
  8. How Search Works (

Building mobile-friendly websites

  1. Mobile-Friendly Test ( This quick tool uses Google’s crawling infrastructure to tell website owners whether our algorithms think the site is mobile-friendly or not.
  2. Mobile-Friendly Documentation:
  3. Page Speed Insights ( This quick tool mimics a web browser to tell website owners whether the page loads fast or not and if improvements are possible.

Business location pages

  1. Google’s guidance on how to build useful location pages, and make sure they’re crawlable and indexable to be shown in search results. The most important bits of information for any location page are: Name of the business or venue, Address of the location, Phone number, and Opening hours. You might see these as the acronyms NAP or NAPO (
  2. In addition to having this information on your website, consider adding your business to Google My Business (, as it helps you use more Google features.