Luca Roberto

28a Lampard Grove



Dear name/agency,

I am a tenant of yours at 28a Lampard Grove, and have been since 05/03/2020 unemployed.

Due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 my place of work, has had to close for the foreseeable future, leaving me without a secure source of income. I will be applying for any governmental support I am eligible for, as soon as possible, but I am sure you appreciate this will not be enough to cover the full amount of my rent, bills and living expenses.

Due to these extenuating circumstances, and the uncertain times that we are all facing together, I would be incredibly grateful if you would be able to apply a rent reduction for the coming months, or, if possible, a rent holiday. I understand that this is your source of income, and I wouldn’t want to put you in the same situation I am in- it is scary- but if you have the financial means to allow me to continue as your tenant, that would be greatly appreciated.

You can reach me on 07871961060 or .

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,