Upskilling during a Downturn
A collection of free resources to elevate your career during a time of change.

Updated April 1, 2020.

Now is the time to innovate! Limitless learning, networking, and upskilling. Opportunities abound, great ideas often birth in a down market. Never before have we had such ample access to free resources online. Do you have extra time, or you’re in-between your next job? Stay focused, grow, and benefit from this unprecedented time of change.

Submit a resource: Tweet at us: Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang, Scott Monty @scottmonty, or on any social channel (Facebook, Linkedin) and we will add to this list. Resources listed in the order received, not a prioritized list.

Free Online Training: No paid courses will be listed.

  1. Universities: 450 Ivy League courses you can take online
  2. Universities: 1,500 courses from a wide range of topics
  3. Universities: Over 600 classes
  4. Salesforce: Trailhead
  5. Outsystems: Virtual Developer Certifications
  6. Linkedin’s Lynda: One month free of courses
  7. SAS: Live lab training and self-learning 
  8. Codeacademy: Scholarships for students impacted by Covid-19
  9. Linkedin Learning: Ten courses to help you be a better professional
  10. IBM: Coursera classes, and Data and AI learning
  11. Digital Marketer: Marketing Lab playbooks
  12. CXL: Growth Marketing Minidegree
  13. Google Ads Academy
  14. Google Analytics Academy
  15. Hubspot Academy
  16. IBM Cognitive Class
  17. Digital Analytics Podcasts, videos
  18. freeCodeCamp
  19. CodeAcademy
  20. University Automation Anywhere
  21. Test Automation University
  22. ElevenFifty tech training 
  23. DevOpsInstitute: Virtual Skill Up Days
  24. UIpath Academy: RPA skills
  25. Commune Wellness Classes

Free Software: No paid software will be listed

  1. Digital Marketer: Marketing Lab playbooks
  2. Marketpath CMS for students and teachers
  3. (also see list below, under Corporate Goodwill)

Job Boards and Human Resources:

  1. A large list of companies hiring remote workers
  2. CMX: online Community Professional Roles 
  3. Human Services: Fed, State, Tools, Remote Working via Casebook
  4. March 26: “Who’s Hiring”
  5. Upwork:
  6. Freelancer
  7. Fiverr
  8. Zirtual: virtual assistants
  9. Time Etc: virtual assistants

Virtual Events:

  1. Physical business/tech conferences that are now Virtual (list by Jeremiah Owyang)
  2. Conferences that offer “Tech Skills”
  3. Inspiration: Visit a museum, virtually

Corporate Goodwill:

  1. Corporate Goodwill during the outbreak (list by Scott Monty)

Remember, the world’s best innovations often birth and grow in a down market --there are many opportunities!

Launched March 17th, 2020 by Jeremiah Owyang and Scott Monty.

(Photo by Pexels)