i should say this, since i’m here.

we met and had to leave the same city

again. little glance crackling


Standing, holding a navel orange

and the sky? sky. I didn’t know

you’d left due to

If you’d like to share


the underlying, unspeakable — the underlying

can have (does have?) has a grammar

i've touched (echo, echo) the bone

(and the sky? sky) underneath.

i want to tell you more

but what is it about red that is so delicious?

At five I knew red must be the first color.

Sure as desire, Dad’s migraines, the vomit.

At eight I folded myself in the prayer room.

I was lost to my parents for a long time.

I’ve not told you yet that I am lost at times

and only find more of myself.

I had a headache today

 the kind that makes all braids look ghastly

and I stepped outside, lucky to have found

my way to beauty so quickly.

It was the right thing to be there. You

have been here before.

i wonder what you think

i want you to know  half-drafts evaporated

by a trunk ringing out.

i don't believe in art that tries to be bodiless.

i'm scared of the balance between —

it would take another life to look

through all of these pictures—

my body brought me back

to tomatoes.

at two, my favourite colour

was my mother’s neck.

when i feel permanent, i poke the tank.

scatter fish.

[I am a collection of urls]

[I am a tote bag

of chemicals

I am a silent mustard

rainjacket boy] collecting

oranges for you as I go.

you, geranium in our midst.

solstice, longest, you, sun.

i imagine you singing, drying

a dish in a deepyellow hallway.

an abundance of us!



here, still ringing. bell. after.

staying in a body that wears.

trips over clothes untouched

and time capsuled. they spin

and spiral up into the sky. i curl up

and into this clementine.

There are voices in my head,

there are, and many, and I see you

erasing what needs to be erased.

Sometimes, moving through  

is a building

with infinite floors.

I know about enough.

We have this.


 this thing happens with art (by art I mean a lot, our whole life, I think)

 wherein all colour disappears. I disappear

 how much of me should I put into things

oh i love to walk anywhere where i am not

i had to cut all the i's out

— Objects don't remain what they are but morph into

translucent everything, i see the whys, pulling —

the shift is there after

Small shift on your shoulder

"Some things earn their calm by sitting next to each other”

“Splitting a sandwich.”

this bumping into you feels like the right direction

 The rightest



                 i used to hope toward you                            

 your name is already special to me

         —  I hope you don’t mind

now i get to write your name on my thumb — 

                                      I chant it in two’s as I walk

How did you know I drank cloud-berry soda

i didn't know someone else had one thousand molars

all i want to do is name so i will —

                  The first prayer must have been a name

Dear anEmememone, Emilie-emilie, my Emilie rem-em M L E, Dear EmilieEmilie-em dash Kneifel, nivi, dear nivi, dear nivretta (thatra, thatra), dear dear nivi, dear matchey, dear Steve,

oh em

my dear emilie

my dear

oh dear nivi


my nivi

your name