P.2 - Hep B causes speech disorders, sleep disorders, and autism


P.3 - Effects of DTP or Tetanus vaccination on allergies


P.4 - Hepatitis B triple series vaccine and developmental disabilities


P.5 - Hepatitis B and male neonate autism


P.6 - Increased risk noninfluenza respiratory infection following inactivated influenza vaccination


P.7 - Introduction of DPT and Oral Polio in Urban African Natural Experiment


P.8 - Vaccination of preterm infants causes Neurodevelopmental disorders


P.9 - Pilot comparative study on the health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children 6-to-12


P.10 - CLustering of cases of type 1 diabetes 2-4 years post immunization


P.11 - Risk of vaccine induced type 1 diabetes with family history


P.12 - Age at first MMR and autism and control-matched school children


P.13 - Thimerosol containing vaccine and the risk of autism spectrum disorder


P.14 - Study of HPV vaccination and asthma


P. 15 - Premature puberty and thimerosol-containing Hepatitis B vaccine


P.16 - Measles vaccination increases risk of inflammatory bowel disease


P. 17 - Thimerosal Hep B vaccine and ADHD


P.18 - Highest levels thimerosal exposure increase risk autism 11.35x

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P.19 - Spontaneous abortion with receipt of H1N1 vaccine before and during pregnancy


P.20 - Autoimmune and neurological disorders (Bell’s palsy, Paresthesia, IBD) after influenza



P.21 - HPV vaccination increases odds of memory impairment and involuntary movement


P.22 - Thimerosol containing HepB triple series increases emotional disturbences


P.23 - HPV vaccine in adult women and autoimmunity


P.24 - H1N1 vaccination in pregnancy increases miscarriage risk 11.4x


P.25 - Increased incidence of childhood narcolepsy following H1N1 by 25x


P.26 - Chorioamniotitis and pertussis immunization in pregnancy


P.27 - Rotavirus and Intussusception Increased odds 5.8x


P.28 - Measles Vaccination vs Measles Infection increased odds Allergy 2.8x


P.29 - Early thimerosol exposure and neuropsychological outcomes


P.30 - Delaying first 3 DPT decreases risk of asthma


P.31 - Exposure of thimerosal before 13 months increases early puberty


P.32 - Addition of HepB Vaccine in 1988 increased rate of type 1 diabetes


P.33 - DTP with previous Tuberculosis vaccine increases mortality rates


P.34 - Higher number of vaccines prior to age 1 increases mortality 1.83x


P.35 - One dose of DTP increases mortality rate 1.84x


P.36 - Early DTP in girls increased mortality 5.68x


P.37 - Receipt of BCG and DTP increased female infant mortality


P.38 - Second and third dose of DTP increased infant mortality 4.36x


P.39 - Vaccination increases risk of asthma and allergies with no familial history


P.40 - DTP and Measles vaccination together increased risk of death 2.59x


P.41 - Hepatitis B vaccination increased risk multiple sclerosis diagnosis


P.42 - 70% of SIDS deaths occur within 3 weeks of DPT