Ballet 2

Adagio- slow, a series of exercises consisting of slow and graceful movements

Assemble- assemble

A la seconde- to second

A terre- on the ground

balance- rocking step

Battement- beating

Cambre- arched, to bend at the waist in any direction

Chaine- chained

Changement- change

Chasse- chase

Coupe- cut

Croise- crossed


Demi- half

Derrière-behind, in back

Devant- in front

developpe- developed

Echappe- escape

Ecarte- separated, thrown wide apart

Efface- shaded

En arriere- backwards, moving away from the audience

En avant-forwards, moving towards the audience

En croix- in the shape of a cross

En dedans- inward, toward the center of the body

En dehors-outward, away from the center of the body

en face- opposite the audience, facing the audience

En l'air- in the air

enveloppe- enveloped

Fondu- to melt

Frappe- to strike

Glissade- to glide

Grand- large

Pas de chat- step of the cat

Passé-to pass

Pique- to prick

Plie- to bend

Port de bras- carriage of the arms

Releve- raised

rèvèrence-“Bow”. Traditional port-de-bras and port-de-corps showing respect and gratitude to the ballet master or audience

Rond de jambe- circle of the leg

Royale- royal, a jump where the calves cross before the feet change

Sauté- to jump

Sous-sus- under-over, releve in 5th held tightly together

Tendu- to stretch

Tombe- falling