Required Documents for: LANDLORD 

Proof of Identity 

Driver’s license 

Government-issued photo identification 

U.S. Military photo ID 

Tribal photo ID 


Proof of Ownership 

Warranty Deed 

Tax Record 

Insurance Binder 

Note: If applicant is a Property Management Company or Legal Representative, applicant must  also attach documentation showing authorization to act on behalf of the property owner: 

Authorization Agreement Contract/Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)/Memorandum of  Agreement (MOA) 

Financial Documentation 

IRS W-9 Form Both forms need to be provided/ forms are located portal ACH Direct Deposit form Both forms must match with inform 

Rent due letter from landlord / form located on portal 

Required documentation for: TENANT 

Delinquent rent Statement from landlord and ledger 

What documents will a Tenant need to provide to complete the GRA Landlord Application?

Tenants will need the following types of documents/items (e.g., copies, pictures, screenshots, etc.) along  with their signed, fully completed application. The online application will specify the actual documents  required.

Proof of Identity 

Driver’s license 

Government-issued photo identification 

U.S. Military photo ID 

Tribal photo ID 


Verification of Income 

If there is no income - Income documentation waiver from portal must be completed and only 1  appropriate box checked. Acceptable supporting documentation for households seeking assistance  based upon the household's most current annual income:

Copy of most current Form 1040 as filed with the IRS for the household (For Form 1040, both the  return and the tax forms used to establish the household's income for tax purposes, such as W-2  statement(s) and any 1099 forms, must be submitted) 

Documents evidencing annual income (e.g., wage statement, interest statement, unemployment  compensation statement) 

Receipts of forms of benefit income, such as TANF, Social Security, SSI, and SSDI payments  that are not always considered taxable income and will not be reported on a tax form 

Monthly Income Documentation

If the applicant is seeking assistance based upon the current household monthly income, the household  must provide income verification for at least the most recent two months (60 days) leading up to  application submission, and eligibility must be redetermined every three months for the duration of the  assistance.

Acceptable supporting documentation for the monthly income option includes: 

Documents evidencing monthly income (e.g., wage statement, interest statement,  unemployment compensation statement), 


In addition to the above, for the monthly income option, documentation for monthly income for  the two months leading up to application submission may also include: 

If employed, pay stubs, third party verification from the employer, or a letter from their  employer indicating reduced pay 

Documentation of cash assistance such as Social Security income, unemployment  benefits, worker's compensation (excluding lump sum distributions), or public assistance  benefits 

Documentation of child support, alimony 

TANF, SSI or other supplemental income programs that are limited to households with  incomes below 80 percent of AMI (or a comparable poverty threshold) 

Documentation of any income received for self-employment, including documentation of  income from the operation of a business or profession, or direct payments for services Bank statements 

Documentation of Social Security, annuities, retirement income, pensions, disability, or  death benefits (to include spousal benefits) and other similar types of periodic or monthly  receipts, excluding benefits received by anyone 17 years old or under 


Income that should NOT be included would include wages of children under the age of 18,  foster care income, adoption assistance, and income for a live-in aide. Earnings more than $480  for each full-time student in the household unless they are the head of household or spouse are  also excluded.

If individual circumstances prevent applicant from providing the requested documentation, the  applicant should complete the Income Documentation Waiver form located at the top of this  page.

Verification of Renter Status 

Tenant Applicants must submit: 

Lease agreement that has been signed by both parties must be submitted in its entirety  as part of the initial application OR 

Households without a current signed lease (such as those renting under a month-to month arrangement) should provide a certification that they still reside in the rental unit  for which the assistance is being applied and confirmation of this from their landlord Mobile homes are eligible for rent arrearages on the unit and/or lot being rented. 


Assistance under this program is allowed for households residing in a hotel, motel, temporary  lodging, or a boarding house. Lease-purchase and rent to own units are eligible for assistance  under specific circumstances. Please contact the program for more information. Housing  cooperatives are not eligible for the program.

If individual circumstances prevent applicant from providing requested documentation, applicant  may provide evidence of paying utilities for the residential unit, an attestation by a landlord who  can be identified as the verified management agent the unit, or other reasonable documentation  as determined by DCA.

Verification of Risk of Experiencing Homelessness or Housing Instability 

The household must also be able to demonstrate a risk of experiencing homelessness or  housing instability to qualify. Acceptable documentation for this can include the following: 

An eviction notice 

A past due rent notice 

A past due utility notice, or 

A signed “Verification of Housing Instability” form located at the top of this page. 

Acceptable documentation of rent and utility arrears may include the most recent past due bill,  an eviction notice, a PDF or screenshot of an online payment portal, or a letter or email from a  landlord to a tenant.