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Dear County Supervisors:

I am writing to you as a concerned [parent/teacher/grandparent/community member and constituent] asking that you adopt a County Resolution requiring universal masking in K-12 schools within county boundaries.

I urge the __________ County Supervisors to act quickly and to adopt a County Resolution implementing a universal mask requirement in K-12 schools within the county’s boundaries.

Arizona is currently experiencing another COVID-19 surge, with cases having tripled over the past month, coinciding with the arrival of the highly contagious SARS-CoV-2 delta variant in the state. States all over the country are seeing an increase in cases among the unvaccinated, and this includes a drastic increase in child hospitalizations, many of whom are not yet eligible for vaccination. The Academy of Pediatrics recently reported that cases among US children and teens jumped 84% in a week.

According to Banner Health Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Marjorie Bessel hospitals have seen a 95% increase in Covid-19 patients since July 1 and 300% increase in ventilators and there is substantial spread in the vast majority of Arizona counties. Arizona is also second in the nation for pediatric deaths related to COVID-19, according to data published recently by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Schools began welcoming back students to campus late last month and are already experiencing outbreaks across the state. Many are being forced back to online learning because they are not able to use simple mitigation tools like universal masking. The science around masking is settled. Masks work to prevent disease transmission. All recent public health agencies, both national and local, have issued statements recommending universal masks for K-12 students in schools.[1] 

Arizonans have a right to safe schools for Arizona kids. Governor Ducey is attempting to prevent school officials from implementing any public health mitigation strategies in line with leading public health agencies, including the CDC and Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) to help protect students, all while COVID19 cases are again rising in our communities and more contagious variants are becoming more widespread.

The law passed by the state removing local control and banning schools from implementing such policies is likely unconstitutional,[2] doesn't take effect until Sept. 29 and poses a serious risk to life and health. 

____________________County has a duty to protect the health of the community under Arizona law. Arizona Revised Statute Title 36 authorizes counties and local health jurisdictions to protect the health of the community during contagious diseases outbreaks. As elected officials it is your duty to take action.

Please choose to stand with our children and Arizona communities in supporting a safe return to the classroom by adopting a Resolution requiring masks in K-12 schools.

Thank you,


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7/16/2021 Arizona Medical Association’s Statement on Upholding Public Health Policies in K-12 Schools

7/19/2021 American Academy of Pediatrics

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