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Google Certified Teachers Panel for CUE 2015 (Published Resource)
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Google Certified Teachers Panel #CUE15

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The latest and greatest tips, tricks and tools for Google Apps, and other Googly things.

Alice Chen


Jen Roberts


Catina Haugen


Create a “Choose Your Own Adventure Book” with Google Slides

Doc to Form and Save as Doc: My Two Favorite Google Add-ons (This Week)

Vocabulary Nerds, UNITE!

Lisa Nowakowski


JR Ginex-Orinion


Kevin Fairchild


Map It Out! Google Maps is more than just for directions!

Google Chrome Tricks you didn’t know yet

Get what you want, what you really really want, with Forms!

Scott Moss


Jo-Ann Fox @AppEducationFox

Jason Seliskar


Google’s Tools and resources pertaining to teaching students coding such as

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Personalize your


 Paper53 to Google Slides and More!

Choice Eliminator


For Office Hours

Parent Conferences