Hosting a House Party for the 

Minneapolis People’s Climate & Equity Plan   

We’re so glad you’re interested in hosting a house party for the Minneapolis People’s Climate & Equity Plan! House parties are one of the best tools we have to build the relationships that support your friends and neighbors in taking action.

This toolkit will give you all the information you need to put on a great event. Once you fill out this form to schedule your party, we’ll reach out to see what kind of support you need. Feel free to contact if you have any questions before filling out the form.

What will happen at my house party? 

People’s Climate & Equity Plan house parties are designed to introduce people to our work, allow them the opportunity to give feedback on the plan and let their council member know they are in support. At the party, in addition to giving a brief presentation on the plan, we’ll have postcards with original artwork for participants to write a message for their city councilmember.

Who can host? 

You don’t have to live in Minneapolis to host a house party - as long as you invite Minneapolis residents. And you’re welcome to host a gathering together with a friend. This lightens the load of organizing the party and increases the number of potential invitees.

Who can attend?

You can invite friends from all over the city as long as they are residents of Minneapolis.


The first thing to do is set goals for your house party. Your house party coordinator can talk you through setting a goal. Goals should be measurable and will include:

  • How many people will attend
  • Particular people you want to connect with

Where, when and what you provide

House parties usually happen in a host’s home or backyard - the outdoors is a great option now that the weather is nice! You are welcome to use another creative venue like a park picnic area. The most important thing is to invite people into a comfortable space where you are able to have a personal experience with your guests. House parties work best in intimate spaces. Most house parties last about 2 hours. As the host you will want to make sure you think about the following logistics:

  • A time, date and nice space for your house party
  • Refreshments or food are a nice way to make people feel welcome
  • Music, decorations or other ambience
  • A table for displaying and writing on postcards
  • Chairs for guests to sit

Inviting guests

It’s your party, you get to control the guest list! Make a list of people you want to invite to the party. Remember that only ⅓ to ½ of the people you invite will be able to come, so make sure to invite 2 or 3 times as many people as you hope to attend.

Initial invitations are often sent via mail or email, but it is important to follow-up with invitees by phone. Calling to invite your guests adds a personal touch and dramatically increases the number of people who will attend your party.

Feel free to invite a range of guests from friends, family, neighbors & coworkers to influential community members, elected officials and anyone you think would like to learn more about the People’s Climate & Equity Plan.

Support from us

If this seems like a lot of work, don’t be daunted! A house party coordinator will support you every step of the way and can attend and speak at your house party. We can also provide the following:

  • An email invitation template and an online RSVP page (created when you schedule your party)
  • An invitations call script - your house party coordinator can practice with you
  • A script for what to say at the party - you and your coordinator can each take parts
  • Flyers, stickers and other materials on the People’s Climate & Equity Plan
  • Postcards with original art
  • Art supplies for attendees to create their own art - this is a great activity for kids!
  • Activity ideas for kids and adults
  • A table and folding chairs if needed

Minneapolis People’s Climate & Equity Plan

House Party Checklist:

3-4 Weeks Out

  • Pick a time/location for your house party                                                 ___
  • Schedule your house party using this form                                                ___
  • Connect with your house party coordinator                                                ___
  • Set a goal for your house party - how many/who do you want to attend?                ___
  • Write out the list of people you want to invite                                        ___
  • Send out email invitations. Sample email                                                ___        

2 Weeks Out

  • Make invitation phone calls to your list                                                ___
  • Deliver or send paper invitations                                                        ___
  • Decide who will present - you and/or one of house party coordinators                ___
  • Make a plan for food and refreshments                                                ___

1 Week Out

  • Practice what you’ll say at the party                                                        ___
  • Text guests you haven’t been able to reach yet                                        ___
  • Send a reminder email to confirmed guests                                                ___

Day Before

  • Confirm you have all your materials                                                        ___
  • Prepare food and refreshments                                                        ___
  • Send reminder email/texts to everyone who has RSVPed                                ___

Day Of

  • Set up your space                                                                        ___
  • Test your music equipment (if using)                                                        ___
  • Ask people to fill out postcards at the party, not later                                ___        
  • Take pictures!                                                                                ___


Day After

  • Follow-up with guests to thank them for coming                                        ___
  • Share pictures with your coordinator or upload them here                                ___
  • Make notes on the sign up sheet of any guest with particular

interest in getting involved                                                                ___

Sample House Party Schedule (2 Hours)

Greet guests as they enter (20 Minutes)

Make sure to personally greet your guests as they arrive and thank them for coming. Introduce them to others at the house party.  MN350 can provide activities to encourage guests to interact with one another. Have a sign-in sheet at the door to capture the information of people who come.

Activities, talk with your guests (20 Minutes)

At this point you are just hosting a party, put on some low music and make sure your guests have their needs met. Feel free to ask guests what questions they have about MN350 and what they are excited to learn about.

Presentation (30 Minutes)

Get everyone’s attention and make sure they are comfortable. Tell your guests why you support the People’s Climate & Equity Plan, and what will be needed in order to pass it. Your house party coordinator can say a few words as well, but it’s important for you to say why it’s important to you and why you’ve decided to be involved. Take a few questions and ask guests to fill out a postcard and give feedback.

Fill out postcards (40 Minutes)

Put on some low music again and mingle with guests. You can answer people’s questions, or note questions you don’t know the answer to next to your guest’s name on the sign up sheet. Check in with guests who asked questions during the presentation to make sure they were effectively answered. Make sure you thank guests for coming as they leave.

If you have any questions or need assistance you can contact Caroline and Isabel at 

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