coronavirus/COVID-19 resources (gathered by generative somatics, 2020)

We know there is a lot of information and resources coming at us right now and this can be overwhelming. Panicking can take us out of our bodies, which often means we don’t make grounded choices. We offer the following resources not wanting to contribute to that, but wanting to lift up what we hope can be useful.

We are collecting resources focused on supporting personal and community practice as well as for movement organizing making demands on the state. It is important to adapt resources to our specific realities, narratives, lives, peoples, and communities.

This is not a comprehensive list nor is it an official endorsement of these resources. This list will be evolving and we will add to it as we go. Resources are rapidly changing. Please note when each resource was published to be aware of changing information.

  • Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness (So Many Wings podcast, hosted by Jacks McNamara (gs practitioner) and Sascha Altman DuBrul. Episode 2 with David Treleaven (gs teacher))

  • Coronavirus: Wisdom from a Social Justice Lens (Irresistible (formerly known as Healing Justice Podcast), Kate Werning, JD Davids, Evvie Ormon, Crissaris Sarnelli, MD, Elandria Williams, Maryse Mitchell-Brody, and other resources)


  • Spenta Kandwalla, gs co-founder and teacher, posted this on March 12, 2020, urging us to: Take some slow breaths, drink water, talk with a loved one. Repeat.

  • Somatic Centering: This centering practice is great to do while we wash our hands.

  • Somatic blending: The blending practice invites us to feel whatever reactions, emotions, etc. are present for us and honor and acknowledge them.

  • Moving energy:

  • I, We, All

  • Resilience:
  • We can also proactively cultivate resilience by listening to music, singing, making art, connecting with nature, spending time with pets and children, etc. etc. What’s your resilience practice?