Virtual Zoom Classes

All you’ll need is access to the internet, to ZOOM, a smartphone, tablet or a computer.

*For students with class credits, you may use these instead of payment if you choose (payment methods below). Please email us at & let us know which class you will be attending.

Check out all of the new times! ✌🏽

Mon 10-11a Core Conditioning (4-wk series)

Mon 4-4:45p Kids Creative Movement (ages 3-8)++

Tues 3:45-4:45p Splits OR Shoulders/Back (rotating weekly)

Wed 5-7p Pre-Contortion*

Wed 7-8:30p Gentle Yoga+

Thurs 4:30-5:30p Splits OR Shoulders/Back (rotating weekly)

Sun 4-6p Pre-Contortion*

Sun 6-7:30p Gentle Yoga+

Price- $15 per hour *(2 hour classes are $30)

+Gentle Yoga is sliding scale

++Kids Creative Movement is $10

Please email for the payment method unless you already know how ;)

All times are PST, west coast baby!

Password- Afterglow

Online Class Descriptions

Core Conditioning

This class is just as it sounds. CORE FOCUSED Conditioning. Wanna get strong and work on tightening up all of those abs for better stability? Join us for an hour of abs. Coach will be working on a full range of ab work with a variety of conditioning exercises each week. (4-week series April 5th-26th)

Mondays 10-11am

Pre-Contortion w/ Jolene

Let us get our bodies moving w/ my pre-contortion style flexibility class! This class is for folks who have some body awareness and are ready to deepen their active flexibility practice.

Props- a blanket or knee support, 2 blocks, a mat and a wall, chair or couch

Wednesdays 5-7p

Sundays 4-6p 

Gentle Yoga w/ Jolene

This class will be a slow moving, breath centered class focusing on the balancing of hormones and relaxation of the sympathetic system. Great for everyone, including pregnant AND postnatal (if you are past the 6-week mark) These breath focused classes will help: lowering stress/anxiety through specific movement and breath work, bring blood and circulation to hips & shoulders, ease PMS, battle depression, cleanse the body through meditation, calm the nerves and promote focus and create an overall sense of wellbeing. This class is for all levels. I will have variations for different levels. Props include, a chair, yoga blocks (books or something similar), massage peanut (tennis balls), blankets, bolster (pillows) and a yoga strap (belt)

Wednesdays 7-8:30p

Sundays 6-7:30pm

Simply Splits w/ Jolene (Beginner Friendly!)

An hour long class dedicated to only splits taught by Jolene. Front splits, middle splits, splits up a wall, standing splits, etc. This class will be beginner friendly to all levels satisfied.


Shoulders and Backbends w/ Jolene

This will also be an hour long class dedicated to only shoulders, backbends, and an occasional chest stand. With this class, you may be any level and coach Jolene will tailor the class to each of the students who show up.

Tuesday 3:45-4:45p &

Thursdays 4:30-5:30p

Tuesday/Thursday dates and focus below:

5/11 & 5/13 Back Week

5/18 & 5/20 Splits Week

Kids Creative Movement Class (ages 3-8) w/ Paris

Focus of this class? That children have fun and laugh while learning about how to connect the body with the mind, and how to listen to it! Discovering new ways to speak with the body as they discover it, whilst knowing how to participate and listen to the teacher. The class is made up of ballet, jazz, and expressive movement.


*Parents are welcome to participate with the younger kids if needed.

Mondays 4-4:45p ($10) Password- Afterglow