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This is a crowdsourced collection of resources for HR and business leaders to help inform and support Coronavirus response plans. Here you’ll find a curated collection of public Coronavirus response communications, templates, news, remote work, hiring impact, and resources.

Coronavirus HR Comms &

Resources Guide  

This guide is updated regularly by the community.


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📂 Coronavirus Response Plans

🔂 Return to Work Plans & Frameworks

💡 Articles & Resources

🔄 HR & Business Support Resources

👪 How Companies Are Responding w/Remote Work & Children @ Home

  • Wikimedia - shifted to halftime work expectation, waiving all sick days, guaranteeing comp for hourly/contract workers at full pay
  • Basecamp - Update for working parents

👥 Employee Support Resources

💻 Remote Work

💼 Coronavirus Legal & Employment Law Resources

➕ How Recruiting is Adapting

✈ Travel Impact

♻ HR Communities and Support

 🖥 Hosting Virtual Events

🦠 Coronavirus News & Resources

👶 Activities with Kids at Home

🔊 Podcasts: Coronavirus Business Response Coverage

📱 HR Technology Companies Offering Discounts

* Note: I’m no longer listing vendors providing short-term discounts.

❓ RIF Resources & Alternatives to Layoffs

👇 Layoff Lists - Available Talent

  • Parachute List - A searchable compilation of company layoff lists including 6,200+ available people looking for work (compiled by Rocket)
  • Hubspot Alumni - Hubspot did not have any layoffs, but this is a list of alumni impacted by layoffs by their most recent employer.
  • Available Recruiters List - A global collection of available recruiters.

Layoff Lists

🙌 Companies That Are Hiring

📶 How You Can Help


📈 Case Tracking & Statistics

🕐 Retail, Service, and Hourly

Employee Updates

  • Trader Joe’s - giving employees additional sick time to ensure they stay home when sick
  • Microsoft - Will continue to pay all vendors  hourly service providers regardless of use koi
  • Expedia - Will continue to pay hourly workers normal wages if hours reduced
  • Uber - Will compensate drivers affected by Coronavirus
  • Facebook - commits to paying contingent workers impacted by their Coronavirus response
  • Amazon - will continue to pay hourly workers in Seattle impacted by their closures
  • Google - commits to paying contingent workers impacted by their Coronavirus response
  • Twitter - commits to paying contingent workers impacted by their Coronavirus response
  • Olive Garden - announced all hourly employees will receive permanent paid sick leave
  • Instacart - Will compensate drivers affected by Coronavirus
  • Google - established fund to offer paid sick leave to contractor/temps who can’t work due to quarentines
  • Apple - Offers unlimited sick leave for retail employees

Apple - Closing 460 stores and continuing to pay employees

  • Patagonia - Closing all stores/website and continuing to pay employees
  • AllBirds - closing all global stores through March 27 with full worker pay
  • Nike - Closing all U.S. and other global stores through March 27 with full worker pay
  • Glossier - Closing all stores through March 27 with full worker pay
  • Urban Outfitters - closing all global stores until at least 3/27 with full worker pay
  • Whole Foods - Suggests employees donate accumulated paid time off to coworkers
  • Blue Bottle Coffee - closing all U.S. stores

👐 Companies Giving Back/

Supporting Community

  • Zoom - Giving K-12 Schools Video Conferencing Tools for Free
  • MISC - Education companies offering free services (Google Doc)
  • Khan Academy: How can Khan Academy be used for remote learning during school closures? Khan Academy is a free resource for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Sprint/Verizon/T-Mobile/AT&T - offering unlimited data to customer for 60 days
  • Dell - donating cash and computers
  • LVMH - switching perfume production to large quantities of hand sanitizer to deliver free to French health authorities
  • Hi5 giving 50% off software licence to aid remote team transition. Use code “CORONAVIRUS” when signing up.
  • Altice USA - proving free broadband internet to households with K-12 students displaced due to school closures without internet access.
  • Boston Helps ( - community platform to ask/offer help and support
  • - Giving 10% of 2020 sales to local food banks and an additional 3 months free
  • Workday - Giving all employees 2 week cash bonus to offset unforeseen circumstances
  • JP Morgan - giving tellers and front-line employees $1,000 bonus
  • Walmart - will pay nearly $550M in employee bonuses
  • HEB - Increased hourly workers pay by $2/hour.
  • Target - raising hourly workers by $2/hour
  • Whole Foods - raising hourly workers by $2/hour
  • Netflix - created $100M Coronavirus relief fund for members of the creative community
  • Texas Roadhouse - CEO gives up salary/bonus to pay workers during covid19 outbreak
  • Microsoft - Giving employees 12 weeks of paid parental leave because of school disruptions

❗ Publicly Announced Hiring Impact

🏢 Conferences, Remote Work, Travel Restrictions, Schools

As we’ve shifted to a new stage of the pandemic, I moved these updates to a separate google doc to keep this guide cleaner and more focused on actionable and current resources.

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