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Police have been documented infiltrating protest groups to incite violence within protests. Inciting violence can:

  • ‘Allow’ police to use violent force against protestors
  • Push public opinion in favor of the police.


Be on the lookout for people matching any of these characteristics. Not all cops will follow these rules and some will intentionally try to deceive you. Look out for:

  • Use of android devices (work devices, iphones are rarely used for this purpose)
  • Suspiciously well-groomed hairstyle or buzz cuts
  • Baggy clothes (covers protective wear)
  • Baggy jackets/cargo pants (holds equipment)
  • Chain around neck (badge)
  • High-end/new protective gear
  • Generic branded clothing (new)
  • Heavy duty footwear
  • Groups of people who don’t ‘fit in’
  • Multiple people wearing armbands/headbands the same color (This is called ‘color of the day’, and cops use it to ID each other. They are told the new color every morning. Not all cops will be wearing it.)
  • Thin blue bracelet (less common)
  • Asking questions (ANYONE you don’t know shouldn’t be asking you ANYTHING personal)
  • Unsolicited conversation
  • BODY LANGUAGE: Seeming like they’re surveying their surroundings. Facing away from the direction of the crowd. Standing to attention, in a military style. “Hunter’s” gaze.


You must protect yourself from them - they will remember your name and face and THEY WILL COME BACK FOR YOU IF THEY CAN.

  • Bring a friend who frequents festivals. They will spot a cop a mile away.
  • Don’t wear makeup - makeup accentuates your features and makes facial recognition more accurate. Makeup also worsens the effects of tear gas - a face mask and goggles are always best.
  • Wear a face mask ALWAYS
  • Wear baggy clothes - covers body type
  • Don’t wear the color of the day on your wrist
  • Don’t tell anyone your name or anything about yourself. If you’re even a bit suspicious, don’t open your mouth
  • Always trust your instincts
  • IF YOU’RE WHITE: See a cop inciting violence? STEP IN. Use your privilege.


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Compiled by @spacedeviants on twitter, feel free to DM any suggestions or improvements. :)