Ballet 5/6

Adagio-slow, a series of exercises consisting of slow and graceful movements

Allegro- brisk, lively

allonge-extended, outstretched

Arrier- backwards, moving away from the audience

battu- beaten, any step embellished with a beat

balance-rocking step

Ballon- ease of jumping, quality of lightness

Ballonne- ball- like,bouncing step


brise- broken


contretemps-beating against time

Croise- crossed

de cote- sideways


Derrière-behind, in back

Dessous, (duh-soo) under, the working leg passes behind

Dessus- (duh-sew) over, the working leg passes in front

detourne- turned aside. A complete turn toward the back foot and reverses the position of the feet

Devant- in front

Ecarte- separated, thrown wide apart

Efface- shaded

En arriere- backwards, moving away from the audience

En avant-forwards, moving towards the audience

en balencoire-like a see-saw

En face- facing forward

en tournant- turning

Entrechat- interweaving or braiding, a jump where the dancer crosses the legs before landing

Enveloppe- enveloped



faille- giving way, a fleeting movement done in one count

Ferme- closed

menage- circular, a term applied to steps performed in a circle

Ouvert- open

pas couru- running step,a run in any direction on demi pointe, usually 3-5 steps. A run en pointe in parallel

pas de papillion- step of the butterfly


Retire-withdrawn, a position with the thigh bent at 90 degrees with toe in front, behind, or to the side of the knee

rèvèrence- “Bow”. Traditional port-de-bras and port-de-corps showing respect and gratitude to the ballet master or audience

soubresaut-sudden spring or bound


temps de fleche- arrow movement

temps lie-time linked

temps leve- time raised

vole- flown, flying