Accidental Book Club resources


I need to make major changes to this doc as it’s no longer just an anti-racist resource & it needs major organizing. This should really be a website but that’s more than I can handle ATM. It’s become my grab bag all for interesting & useful resources, lists, discussions crossing my TL including, but not limited to:

  • Resources for authors. Some are for AOC, others are about writing the other, various book publishing discussions
  • Making sincere apologies decentering oneself
  • Anti-racist resources
  • Abolition of police & prison resources
  • Non-white creators & businesses to support
  • Mutual aid, cash bail funds, and disaster relief funds/organizations to support
  • Getting diverse perspectives (media, professional speakers, & more) & hiring BIPOC
  • Hashtags & people to follow to find art & books by underrepresented creators
  • Book recommendations & new release lists broken down by OwnVoices split into a romance section. Following romance is a section of all other books (by OwnVoices unless specified with lists) except anti-racist/on whiteness books for adults & for kids/YA - I’ve begun adding lists of book reviewers, comics, movies & more before/following book lists (need to add consistency to this doc)
  • Interesting to me lists, discussions, & resources which don’t fit into above.

I frequently (weekly) add additional lists & resources as well as new sections for things of interest as I see them on TL. Almost everything in this doc was written by someone other than me & I always credit/cite them. Use anything in this document on your websites, blogs, wherever but always include credit OP, cite sources. Some links & resources may be out of date as I’m rarely healthy enough to do much more than add additional resources as I see them.

Accidental Book Club Resources 

What Is an Anti-Racist Reading List For? By Lauren Michele Jackson 

Tasha: great question & good article. Some of my thoughts. Just having a list isn’t enough. Simply reading books on a list isn’t enough. I talk further down about why reading fiction by BIPOC / #ownvoices is important. You can check out It’s important to understand the history of racism in our country. It’s also important to learn how to change your behavior - what you say, do, how you react. You need a different frame of mind when reading each kind of book. Each will probably make you uncomfortable, make you angry, defensive, you’ll have a hard time relating to stories. Before reading a book, think about why you are reading it, what you plan to get from it, how you’ll combat your initial reactions, remind yourself why you’re doing the work.

I need to reorganize this doc again as grabbing lots of links & recs during the uprising after George Floyd’s murder by cops


RWA #IStandWithCourtney happened. IAmRobinB @Tuphlos suggested NWLs (nice white ladies) read “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo 12/2019 (Tasha note: I no longer recommend this author as she doesn’t insist/advocate for equitable pay for Black co-speakers) & this book is on whiteness not racism. Keri Stevens @KeriStevens started the Twitter book club hashtag #ReadWhiteFragilty and 66 others joined. Suggestions for books and videos and other resources were recommended faster than we could keep track. The next hashtag #WantTalkAboutRace was created by Tasha Turner @turner_tasha for reading “So you want to talk about race” by Ijeoma Oluo February 2020 - group dwindled & died out as so many do. Molly Maka leads us in “Me and White Supremacy” later 2020 - never happened. This document is the ongoing collection of suggestions to help us be better co-collaborators, anti-racist, race traitors.

After George Floyd was murdered by cops in May, 2020 this document has become much more than it started out being. It now includes a lot of #BlackLivesMatter, defund police, abolish prisons, and restorative justice information as well as links to buying from Black businesses, creators. It will continue to expand as we must make the world equitable and just for BIMPOC & QPOC. This doc was originally created for the Accidental Book Club by Tasha Turner @turner_tasha

Short link to Accidental Book Club Resources 

Please let @turner_tasha know of additional resources to add or any mistakes in this document.

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Check your d/mca strike history in! just enter your Twitter (other social media) username or website address which isn't a chain so much as it blocks the author of a tweet and everyone who liked that tweet

List of people self-reporting resigning from RWA 

BIMPOC = Black/Indigenous/Mixed/People of color ( ) : The BIPOC Project aims to build authentic and lasting solidarity among Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), in order to undo Native invisibility, anti-Blackness, dismantle white supremacy and advance racial justice. We use the term BIPOC to highlight the unique relationship to whiteness that Indigenous and Black (African Americans) people have, which shapes the experiences of and relationship to white supremacy for all people of color within a U.S. context. We unapologetically focus on and center relationships among BIPOC folks.

Resources for authors of color 

Publishing paid me resources

Book Sirens: Over 1,000 best book review sites, vlogs, and bookstagrams who can help you get Amazon book reviews and much more. You can further filter the book reviewers list by those who do free book reviews or paid book reviews, read ebooks, and entertain requests from indie authors. 

How to write rec tweets - hype up a book, movie, comic, music you love thread by Gretchen McCulloch @GretchenAMcC 

Cultural consultant or sensitivity reader books, games, etc a Twitter thread started by Clio Yun-su Davis @sysdavis 

A (non-exhaustive) list of Black folks you should give space to that are active members of the TTRPG community 

A thread started by Vita Ayala @definitelyvita Black creatives, Brown creatives, women creatives, creatives who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, & creatives whose identities intersect in the above groups: drop links to places to support you here! 

What Percent Are You? (income in the USA) 

Helpful classes to take to write better

  1. The Critical Lens taught by @LaQuetteWrites It's a self-paced four week course that teaches you to consider other perspectives when writing outside of your experience.
  2. Writing the Other (also grab the book) @writingtheother online & in-person classes that draw on the work by Nisi Shawl @NisiShawl & Cynthia Ward @cynthia-ward - Support the Vonda N. McIntyre Sentient Squid Scholarship 

Helpful articles in writing the other

12 Fundamentals Of Writing "The Other" (And The Self)

How to respectfully write from the perspective of characters that aren't you. By Daniel Jose Older @djolder 

Video to watch by Daniel Jose Older @djolder another UF/YA/MG - why not to put parentheses around Spanish in your books

How to Unlearn Everything When it comes to writing the “other,” what questions are we not asking? By Alexander Chee 

The Invisible Lesbian in Young Adult Fiction: A culture of misogyny erases the stories of queer girls by Malinda Lo 

#WriterHelp thread of hashtags by EliselsWritinYA 

Decolonising Desire: The Politics of Love by Dalia Gebrial 

Trigger Warnings, Content Warnings, Content Notes: An explanation and list. By Kaelan Rhywiol @KaelanRhy 

neopronouns are a replacement for he/she/they

you can find a very long list of neos on  or you can go to pronoun dressing room: to see how to use them in a sentence

Inclusive Romance: Heart Test suggestion by Kharma Kelley @kharmakelley

Twitter thread

I think it's time for Romancelandia to create an inclusive "test" for our genre. Kinda like the "DuVernay test" or "Bechdel test" It won't be fool-proof but it's a start.

The "test" will help us review standards we’re aiming for when it comes to measuring inclusion within a romance novel. It won't solve for all. Let's call it the HEART Test. I'll kick it off below, but open to changes. This works better when it's collaborative.

IMPORTANT: Just because a book passes the Heart test doesn’t mean it’s a quality book, however, it is a starting point to see how much effort the author made to create an inclusive romance story.

This test should be included in addition to a rubric scoring system. If a novel fails the HEART test, it should be flagged for further review.

First, do no harm by eliminating redemption stories for historically oppressive identities. This is not just about morality. The first rule in being inclusive is to minimize harm to the historically ignored & oppressed identities. This is about ALLYSHIP. So with that said--

Main characters in Romance do not hold identities aligned with the following:

🚫Global or Domestic Terrorism & Hate groups


🚫War Crimes

🚫Chattel Slavery

🚫Sex Trafficking and other crimes against humanity

BIPOC, LGBTQ+, (and intersections of such) characters (main or secondary) in Romance must have fully realized lives and dimensions, not just present as one-dimensional stereotypical characters to prop up cis-het, white-led stories.

BIPOC femme characters in Romance are not sexualized not fetishized as a key character trait.

Characters with a disability are not solely defined around their disability and should be fully realized to live a happy and fulfilling life in the story. With characters of questionable morals, even if met with comeuppance, the consequence is not tied to their disability.

Comment/text changes on above paragraph by Raimey Gallant @raimeygallant (it wouldn't ultimately be inclusive to let abled-body people judge if my chronically ill protag is happy & fulfilled by their standard. Those without chronic pain can't expect chronically ill romance to have the same level of HEA. We deserve romance rep but we also deserve to define what HEA means for us, because we lose more and more of what fulfills us and makes us happy the longer we're sick.)

Femme main characters with questionable morals and imperfections in Romance are given a development arc without expectation they must be perfect or free from all personality flaws. Internalized misogyny looks like female perfectionism obsession.

Black main characters in Romance should not solely operate under respectability politics, which demeans and can oppress Blackness when the character isn’t exemplifying traits seen as “upstanding Black individuals” within the white gaze.

I advise we don't make the test so exhaustive that we get lost here. The goal is to set some basic standards and look through that lens when reviewing/judging a book if we want to focus on inclusion in romance. These types of tests are concise.

Additional comments on thread:

Janette @JanetteKirchner

Maybe something regarding abuse? I.e. if a character was abused don’t have another character inflict the same trauma? Also no happy endings for abusers (that may just be me though.)

stacey agdern @nystacey

I'd love to see something about characters holding non Christian religious or cultural identities: they need to be :

-allowed to live full lives

-not tied to harmful stereotypes

-not used to prop up characters of christian religious or cultural identities

-not forced to give up their religious or cultural identity in order to gain a hea


Let’s talk about apologies 

Don’t use offend EVER. Use HURT. It’s not that we’ve offended a BIPOC or LGBT+ when we’ve said/done something it’s that we’ve done violence (yes words are violence) & hurt them. Offend is a fake apology

Proper apology (TM):

Proper apology

I'm sorry for...‬ No excuses

‪This is/was wrong because...‬

What can I do to make restitution?

‪In the future I will do x to avoid making same/similar mistakes ‬

‪Please forgive me? Do NOT expect to be forgiven ‬(it’s not always appropriate to ask for this - be sparing in asking for forgiveness)

‪Followed by an actual change in behavior ‬

How to give a good apology: 4 parts to Accountability. Part 1 by Mia Mingus @miamingus 

Alicia T. Crosby @aliciatcrosby graciously allowed me to share her fantastic graphic here. Make sure to credit her & keep all attributions on graphic if you reuse. It’s best to always check with a person before using their work. #cite

Alt-text: Graphic How to apologize without being an asshat by Alicia T. Crosby

Graphic is in multiple shades of purple on a black background broken into 6 sections with heading & explanatory text below:

Think it through

Contemplate the impact of your actions and prepare to own what you’ve done

Acknowledge Actions & Impacts

Acknowledge what you’ve done and the potential impact of your actions, taking care to be specific when saying that your sorry.

Invite Accountability

Invite affected people or witnesses into conversation or reflective space to share the impact that your actions had so that you can be more fully accountable

Ask what is needed

Ask what impacted people need or desire for their rest, restitution, restoration, or healing

De-center Guilt or Forgiveness

Refrain from asking forgiveness and de-center your need to assuage your guilt

Change Your Behavior

Change your behavior and work to prioritize the needs of those your actions hurt or impacted

Anti-Racist Resources for White People*7rJovU3hy5J0fzEf0WN0HA 


Volume 1, Resources 9: Absolutely Massive List of Anti-racist Resources for Black Lives Matter Allies by Patricia Elzie @‪theinfophile‬ 

10 steps for non-optical allyship by @mireillecharper 

Beyond the Hashtag: How to Take Anti-Racist Action in Your Life by Zyahna Brant @ZyahnaB on Teenvogue 

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice 

Talking About Race by National Museum of Africa’s American History & Culture 


ALA: Our colleagues in @wearealsc have created the following resource for serving diverse communities. The resource includes reading lists, media literacy and more.

I have no idea where to put this so it’s going here: United States Democrats proposed law to fix voter suppression great read: Annotated Guide to H.R. 1, the For the People Act of 2019 

White people: We gotta talk about burn out by Titiana Mac 

@_CharlesPreston, compiled a library of FREE Black literature/educational resources that's open to everyone. Content includes but not limited to:

- Black Communism/Marxism

- Afro-Futurism

- Harriet Tubman

- Black Feminism/Womanism 

Harvard University project: Un/Equal A series on race and inequality across the United States 

Dismantling Racism Works  web  workbook 

Huge thread of links to actions, black businesses, creatives, places to donate, what to read, and more by Vita Ayala @definitelyvita 

Anti-Racist Resource Guide Created by Victoria Alexander, MEd. @victoriaalxndr June 2020 

Anti-Racism Resources (kids & adults) on Mom Read It @roesolo 

'The Problem With Kindness': SEL & the Death of George Floyd By Larry Ferlazzo 

For Black Moms Because Safety is NOT Guaranteed by Another Effin Mom Blog 

google doc archive full of Anti-Racist articles,books, video ext COMPLETELY IN SPANISH List by @KovatsSanchez 

Welcome to Introduction to Critical Race Theory for 2017 by Dr Adrienne Keene @NativeApprops or 

Settler Colonialism, Resistance, and Resilience Summer 2019 by Dr Adrienne Keene @NativeApprops 

Language of Appeasement

By substituting diversity and inclusion rhetoric for transformative efforts to promote equity and justice, colleges have avoided recognizable institutional change, contends Dafina-Lazarus Stewart. 

This brief thread dismantles the “they were men of their time” brilliantly, and in a more profound way than is usually done. 

Your Kids Aren't Too Young to Talk About Race: Resource Roundup 

White Kids Need to Start Using Their Privilege for Good — Here’s How to Teach Them by Jonita Davis @SurviTeensNtots 

Teaching First-Graders About Microaggressions: The Small Moments Add Up by Bret Turner 

Multicultural Books for Children: 60+ Book Lists on Pragmatic Mom 


Why the Diversity of Your Reading List Matters by Kelsey Yandura 

Black Voices / Media to Amplify and Support by Tonia Says @Tonia_Says 

Rebuttal Black on Black crime by Michael Harriot @michaelharriot 

Black organizations/people to donate, promote, follow, & volunteer

Trans Funds/Resources to donate to

Indigenous organizations to donate, promote, follow, & volunteer

#EndSars organizations to donate, promote, follow

Philippine organizations to donate, promote, follow, & volunteer

India organizations to donate, promote, follow, & volunteer

Disabled organizations/people to donate, promote, follow, & volunteer

Books to Prisoners (B2P)

On Protests & Abolition 


Doctors, Sexual & mental health resources for Black people 

Transform Harm is a resource hub about ending violence. It offers an introduction to transformative justice. Created by Mariame Kaba and designed by Lu Design Studio, the site includes selected articles, audio-visual resources, curricula, and more. You can use what is here, and submit recommendations to be added to the focus areas listed here. We hope you will use these materials to foster your own education and also share them with your communities to build something new. Only together can we transform our relationships to each other and society. We hope that this site helps in this effort. 

A Quick Guide To Tenants Unions In The U.S. 


What’s wrong with ‘manels’ and what can we do about them by Jenny K Rodriguez

Has a bunch of links to women speakers/experts around the world 

Diverse-Owned Bookstores You Can Support Right Now 

Black Owned Businesses

Indigenous Owned Businesses

Disabled Owned Businesses 

LGBT+ Owned Businesses 

Quick rebuttals for racist talking points: by sujoy @sujoy_shah 

Non-Fiction political & anti-racist Book recommendations 

Articles on kids & racism 

Article on talking to kids about race which includes a few books recs 


Books to help kids understand racism 

MG, YA, & picture books about politics, civil engagement, & elections

Videos on race to help understand basic concepts & may help when having conversations 

Read #ownvoices books for a year see The Tempest Challenge #KTBookChallenge for more information  - at least greatly increase non- cis white male books & I recommend TRACK books as we overestimate if we don’t track white/BIPOC

Smart Bitches @SmartBitches created a great spreadsheet you should follow them for book recs

Mirrors, windows, sliding doors video by Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop explaining #ownvoices books for kids

We need diverse books because we need books in which children can see reflections of themselves - but also look through and see other worlds 

Read books for free *and* legally by Shealea @shutupshealea 

This year I’m (Tasha) trying to reading at least one book by authors of following underrepresented group each month

1 Black

2 Indigenous

3 Latinx

4 Asian

5 Queer BIPOC

6 Queer

7 Disabled

8 Jewish

Resources to see your own racism/why certain statements/views are problematic and ways you can change. Also includes disability information

Resources on whiteness - this is not about anti-racism 

Disability articles - remember intersectionality

20 Virtual Book Clubs You Can Join Today by Amy Lin 

Hashtags to follow


























#FilTheShelves @#FilTheShelves (Filipino-heritage writers & illustrators)




















Twitters to follow to for romance books by BIPOC

  • Romance Sparks Joy  @sparkjoyromance members of the Romance Sparks Joy - book club - admin group are queer, disabled, neurodiverse, and members of historically persecuted groups
  • WOCInRomance  @WOCInRomance
  • Romance in Color @RomanceinColor
  • Seressia Glass @seressia for sci-fi/fantasy.
  • Rebekah Weatherspoom @RdotSpoon and Alexa Martin and Kennedy Ryan for contemporary.
  • Contemporary, SFF, & historical Alyssa Cole @AlyssaColeLit .
  • Historical & contemporary Beverly Jenkins (the queen) @AuthorMsBev
  • Historical @VanessaRiley @piperhuguley
  • Historical and contemporary Courtney Milan @courtneymilan
  • LGBTQ: We suggest @ladrianaherrera @authorharpmill. Contemporary: @AuthorKayBlake @KwanaWrites @JN_Welsh @Lolosofocused @BarbaraJames75 @lucyedenauthor @XylaTurner.

Twitters to follow for BIPOC & LGBT+ books recs & more

  • Dr Debbie Reese @debreese - Native American author, educator, blogger
  • LatinXBookClub @latinxbookclub
  • Crime Writers of Color @CrimeWOC Books page divided by genre and ethnicity
  • People of Color in Publishing @PocPub
  • Project Lit Community @ProjectLitComm
  • My Lit Box @mylitbox
  • LatinX in Publishing @LatinxinPub
  • Reading while White @ReadWhileWhite
  • Well Read Black Girl @wellreadblkgirl
  • Writers of Color @WritersofColor
  • Black Comics Chat @BlackComicsChat
  • SuperheroesInColor @HeroesinColor00
  • Minorities in Publishing @MinoritiesinPub
  • QueerComics @QueerComics
  • LGBTQ Reads @LGBTQReads
  • Bogi Takas @bogiperson -queer, autistic, intersex, Jewish, QTBIPOC, immigrants
  • Sarah Waites @coolcurrybooks - has put together a diverse SFF database as well as diverse adult SFF & I believe queer SFF lists
  • Ms WOC Reader @vlmfantasies
  • Vita Ayala @definitelyvita
  • African Speculative Fiction Society @africansfs

QTPOC to follow for book recs & more need to add twitter handles

  • Kacen Callender - YA
  • Candice Montgomery - YA
  • L.L. Mckinney - YA
  • Adam Silvera- YA
  • Cole McCade - adult rom
  • Jack Harbon - adult rom
  • Katrina Jackson - adult rom
  • Rebekah Weatherspoon - adult rom
  • Adriana Herrera - adult rom
  • Suleikha Snyder - adult rom
  • Tehlor Kay Mejia - YA
  • Avril Ashton - adult rom
  • Anna-Marie McLemore - YA
  • C.B. Lee - YA
  • Mina Waheed - adult rom
  • Piper Vaughn - adult rom
  • Talia Hibbert - adult rom
  • Jodie Slaughter - adult rom
  • Brooklyn Wallace - adult rom

Twitter people to follow for BIPOC YA & kids book recs & more

PragmaticMom @pragmaticmom

LatinX in Kid Lit @LatinosInKidLit

marginsbox @marginsbox

WeNeedDiverseBooks @diversebooks

We Need Diverse Books UK @DiverseBooksUK

Read Your World @MCChildsBookDay

Ya Pride @YA_Pride

Diversity in YA @diversityinya









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How to add alt-text to images 

Where to find books by BIPOC and queer authors

Book recommendations & lists - a number of lists show up under different categories as I wanted to make it easy for readers to find the specific kind of books they are looking for

Fiction book recs by BIPOC /LGBT+

  • There, There by Tommy Orange
  • Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
  • Witness to the Truth by Nathan Shapell
  • Anger is a Gift by Mark Oshiro
  • An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole
  • Nappily Ever After by Trisha R. Thomas (also a Netflix series)
  • A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry
  • Sophia Kahn is Not Obliged by Ayisha Malik
  • The Butterfly Mosque by G. Willow Wilson  
  • Mysteries by BIPOC: Alexia Gordon (Murder in G Major), V.M. Burns, Kellye Garrett, Vivien Chen, Naomi Hirahara, Olivia Matthews (Patricia Sargeant),

Read books for free *and* legally by Shealea @shutupshealea 

My (Tasha) SFF thread of books written by marginalized authors

Thread: Booklists of SFF written by marginalized authors. 

Search “Romances written by BIPOC” (booklists begin) & “Books by BIPOC” & “SFF by Black authors” in document. See all genre/ages booklists collected since January 2020 

Romances written by BIPOC

A “Crowdsourced” List of Black Romance Authors by Limecello @Limecello 

Long list of Black authors writing queer romance thread by Kristina Jackson @kristinajax 

Romances written by Black authors 

Black romance on TV

Romances by Indigenous authors

Romances by Jewish authors

Romances written by Latinx authors

A List of API[A] Romance Authors by Limecello @Limecello 

Romances written by Filipino authors

Romances written by QTPOC

Romances written by LGBT+

Romances with good fat representation

See non-romance (some lists include romance) books by LGBTQ+, QTPOC, Trans, & Intersex towards the end of this document

BIPOC BookTokers, Bloggers, Instagram, podcasters

Books by BIPOC 

Mysteries by BIPOC authors

Books by BIPOC for kids, MG, YA

Poetry by BIPOC 

KidLit, YA, MG by BIPOC (some lists may be mixed so do due diligence)

Comics by BIPOC creators

Black authors a thread by Black Girls Who Write @BGWW_

ALL BLACK AUTHORS! Drop your website, goodreads, or amazon page 

15 Black Travel Writers To Read Now 

Black BookTokers, Bloggers, Instagram, podcasters

Zines by Black zinesters

Books by Black authors for adults (Women, for YA/MG/picture books, SFF/spec, Mystery, Poetry, Cookbooks, Africa, Carribean in following sections. Romance is above)

Books by Black women

SFF by Black authors

Mysteries by Black authors

Poetry by Black authors

Cookbooks by Black authors

Books by Black authors for kids/YA

Read aloud book videos/podcasts 

Books by Black intersex authors

Comics by Black creators for kids/MG/YA

Webcomics by Black creators 

Books & Blogs by Caribbean authors

Books by Africans (yes I know this is overly broad) 

Podcasts & Celebrating Indigenous Foodways

Books by Indigenous authors for adults

Books by Indigenous authors for kids, MG, YA

Indigenous films & more

Native Businesses

#HistSTM scholars, read these Native and Indigenous scholars thread 

Books by Latinx authors for adults 

Books by Latinx authors for kids

Books by Afro-Latinx authors

National Hispanic Heritage Month 

Latinx Bookish Creators You Need to Follow

Comics by Latinx creators

Latinx Owned Bookstores

LatinxPitch for kidlit

Welcome to the National Museum of African American History and Culture’s Latinx collection online 

Latinx films

Twitter thread by David Bowles @DavidOBowles  . @ginaruiz & I came up with multiple titles of speculative fiction inspired by Mesoamerica WRITTEN BY MEXICANS & MEXICAN AMERICANS 

Books by Muslim authors

Books by Muslim authors for Kids/YA

Books by Jewish authors

Books by Jewish authors for YA, MG, Kidlit

Books by Sikh authors

Books by Asian authors

Books by Asian authors for Kids/YA

Books by South Asian authors

Books by Pacific Islanders authors

Books by Filipinx authors

Comics/Graphic Novels by Filipinx creators