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Table of Contents

Relevant Events



Donate with no money

Bail Funds

Black owned businesses

Organizations to donate to

LGBTQ organizations


Know Your Rights

Jail Support

Numbers to call for unlawful arrests:

What to do if ICE comes to your door

Educate yourselves

Contact Officials

Justice for GEORGE FLOYD contacts

Justice for REGIS KORCHINSKI-PAQUET contacts

Justice for BREONNA TAYLOR Contacts

Justice for TONY MCDADE contacts

Justice for DION JOHNSON contacts

Justice for JAMES SCURLOCK contacts

Justice for TAMLA HORSFORD contacts

Justice for Dafonte Miller contacts

Call for defunding police (templates and contacts)

Additional Resources

Relevant Events

Twitter thread of missing people (@pinnocksworld)

Twitter thread of missing people 2 (@BirthWomb)

REPORT THESE ACCOUNTS They have been tagging police and media on posts

Dropbox of videos with police responding violently to protesters

Github of police brutality at protests

Twitter thread of police brutality videos

July 4 Toolkit

  • Re: (6/25 Madison, WI) Althea Bernstein (18) burned by lighter fluid thrown and ignited by a white man
  • Re: (6/17 Rosamond, CA) Terron Boone (31) killed by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies during a shootout in Kern County. Boone was the half brother of Robert Fuller who was recently found hanging from a tree in Palmdale.
  • Re: (6/15 Detroit, MI) Tymere Little (20) last seen on the 900 block of E. Grand Blvd and has gone missing. He is deaf and only communicates through sign language
  • Re: (6/15 Brooklyn, NY) Sierra Coombs (26) missing
  • Re: (6/15 Tallahassee, FL) Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau (19) was last seen on 6/6 protesting in Tallahassee and has now been found dead
  • Re: (6/12 Atlanta, GA) Rayshard Brooks (27) shot by Atlanta Police officer Garrett Rolfe. Rolfe kicked him while he was on the ground and did not give him first aid. Rolfe has been fired and faces a felony murder charge.
  • Re: (6/12 Philadelphia, PA) Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells (27), a Black trans woman was killed
  • Gofundme linked above (this is the only gofundme campaign for her)
  • Re: (6/11 Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa) Tshegofatso Pule (28) found stabbed and hanging from a tree around Florida Lake. She was eight months pregnant and last seen leaving her home in Meadowlands, Soweto to visit her boyfriend. See article for more info.
  • Re: (6/11 Louisville, KY) Louisville Metro Council unanimously passed Breonna’s Law, requiring any Louisville Metro PD/law enforcement to knock and wait a minimum of fifteen seconds for a response
  • Re: (6/9 Liberty Township, OH) Riah Milton (25), a Black trans woman, was killed
  • (*)Her sister has closed the gofundme and asks that if you would like to donate money, send it to The Okra Project
  • Re: (6/8 Palmdale, LA) Robert Fuller (24) found hanging in a tree. The city described it as “an alleged death by suicide”
  • Re: (6/7 North Philadelphia, PA) Robert Anthony Wood (21) shot and killed in North Philadelphia
  • Re: (6/4 Buffalo, NY) tw blood
  • Re: (6/3 Austin, TX) Anthony Evans wrongly shot by APD with bean bag bullet
  • He is currently at home - surgery went well and he is recovering
  • Donate
  • Re: (6/3 Cincinnati, OH) Cop refuses to give diabetic protester her insulin
  • Police complaint hotline: (513) 352-3505
  • Re: (6/3 Minneapolis, MN) Good news! Derek Chauvin has been charged for 2nd-degree murder and the other 3 officers were charged for aiding and abetting. Keep fighting!
  • Note: Many people are suggesting NOT to try and get it raised to the first degree because it may be very difficult to prove that the murder was pre-meditated, giving Chauvin a higher chance of being declared not guilty. Because of this, I am removing any “raise the degree” petitions
  • Court hearing: June 8, 1:30pm CT
  • Re: (6/3 St. Louis, MO) Retired police captain David Dorn (77) shot during looting by pawn shop
  • Re: (6/2 Asheville, NC) Asheville Police surround medic station (approved by the city) and destroy resources
  • Gov Roy Cooper: (919) 814-2000
  • Mayor Esther Manheimer: (828) 259-5604
  • Re: (6/2 Naperville, IL) Young Black man stabbed by looters after trying to tell them to stop
  • Re: (6/2 Minneapolis, MN) Iyanna Adior, a Black trans woman, was beaten over a fender bender as over 30 cis bystanders stood by
  • Cashapp: $NajaBabiie
  • Re: (6/1 Detroit, MI) Kerlaya McKinney (15) and Kymora Knight (16) have gone missing
  • Re: (6/1 London, UK) Harriet (18) last seen on Rye Lane in Peckham has gone missing
  • Re: (6/1 Jacksonville, FL) Martin Folsom graduates valedictorian, despite battling homelessness
  • Something positive because uplifting the Black community is also important. Congratulations Martin!
  • Cashapp: $Mars1908
  • Re: (6/1 Louisville, KY) David McAtee (unarmed) shot and killed by LMPD
  • Re: (6/1 Los Angeles, CA) LA’s budget is due June 1 and $3B will go to the police
  • Re: (5/31 Austin, TX) Justin Howell wrongly shot by APD with rubber bullets and critically injured
  • Re: (5/31 Nigeria) tw rape
  • Farishina (12) was raped by 11 men. They have been arrested but please donate to the girl to support her with counselling, medical bills, secondary education, and food.
  • Info and story on the Twitter thread linked
  • Donate
  • International Donations
  • Re: (5/31 Poughkeepsie, NY) Adriana Cassarino racist Snapchat
  • Attends Marist College
  • Re: (5/30 Baltimore, MD) Alajunaye Davis (16) shot in a drive-by
  • Donate (funeral arrangements)
  • Re: (5/30 Chicago, IL) Justin Cosby missing after peacefully protesting
  • UPDATE: He has been in the 1st precinct all along
  • The precinct has been telling people to check hospitals and different precincts
  • Re: (5/30 Brooklyn, NY) cop broke protester’s wrist (more info needed)
  • Re: (5/30 Omaha, NE) James Scurlock murdered by white supramcist Jake Gardner at protest
  • County Attorney: (402) 444-7040
  • Omaha Mayor Hotline: (402) 444-5555
  • OPD: (402) 444-5600
  • Donate
  • Re: (5/30 Seattle, WA) officer puts knee on a protester’s neck
  • Re: (5/30 Dallas, TX) tw: rape, death, assault
  • Jamilia Stroye was stabbed to death by a predator after exposing her mother’s boyfriend for being a pedo
  • Re: (5/30 Seattle, WA) the man who maced a young girl at the Seattle protest
  • Jared Campbell #8470
  • Office of police accountability: (206) 684-8797
  • Update (6/4): “It’s amazing that we got 490,000+ signs on this petition. Unfortunately, I got an email saying that I would be exposing myself to legal liability because the police department made a Twitter post that claimed it wasn’t Jared. Regardless, they still admitted that an officer did mace the child. They are not releasing any information about who they suspect it to be. I do not know if it is a cover-up or not due to the lack of facts. Until they post evidence, I will keep this up. DO NOT SEND HIM DEATH THREATS. Don’t sink to that level.”
  • Re: (5/30 Denver, CO) the woman who drove over a pedestrian during a peaceful protest in Denver
  • Jennifer Watson
  • Owner of JP Watson Interiors
  • Denver sheriff: (720) 337-0194
  • Hate crime hotline: (720) 913-6458
  • Petition
  • Re: (5/30 Visalia, CA) Trump supporters who ran over protesters
  • Re: (5/30 Los Angeles, CA) cop responsible for telling others to turn off their body cameras
  • Re: (5/30 Chicago, IL) @slutchanwoo on twt: “Here’s the face of the bastard who grabbed me by the throat and told me not to fucking touch him (I didn’t) and threw me to the ground”
  • Re: (5/29-present Los Angeles, CA) LAPD Union attorney Marla Brown repeatedly tweets that protesters should be shot
  • Re: (5/29 Minneapolis, MN) woman kidnapped - license plate EEV701
  • Mixed updates? Unsure of her status at the moment. Some people said it was a misunderstanding/argument with her boyfriend but that’s difficult to prove
  • Re: (5/28 Bronx, NY) Jylynn Izquierdo (17) missing since 6:30pm 5/28
  • Last seen wearing black joggers and black sweater, hair down loose and curly
  • Went to find her cat that had gotten out and never returned
  • Re: (5/22 Brent, London) Daniel Adelabu missing
  • Call or text 116 000 (free, 24hr, confidential)
  • To donate £3: text HOPE to 70707
  • More info
  • Re: (8/28 Sweden) Ndella Jack (18) shot in her bed. No one charged.
  • More courses of action needed (petitions, gfm’s, etc…)
  • Re: (8/24 Aurora, CO) Elijah McClain (23) attacked by a group of cops even though he was unarmed and innocent.
  • Twitter: @kkeedie
  • Facebook: Kindra Nichols
  • Instagram: 5ive7even


If you live internationally and cannot sign petitions without an american postal code feel free to use any of these:

90015 - Los Angeles, California

10001 - New York City, New York

75001 - Dallas, Texas

More resources for international people 

*Do not donate to

*The White House has a history of giving vague, unhelpful responses or ignoring these petitions but I’d still suggest signing and making your voices as loud as possible. It can’t hurt to try.

  • @icatboy on Twitter: “you guys don’t sign those white house petitions sadly they don’t do shit, those were only effective under obama’s administration and mean nothing in 7rump’s term. they aren’t obligated to give us a statement after 100k signature sadly”
  • I still have them linked below for those who want to sign

  • Donate here towards helping us hire a PR Firm to get this petition the media exposure it needs. The court of public opinion is a powerful resource that is needed to help this petition reach its ultimate potential and also get it on the desk of the people who can actually implement the change that we're asking for.”
  • Person in charge of not charging the officers: Katherine Rundle
  • Twitter: @KathyFndzRundle
  • Instagram: @keepkathy2020


*Do not donate to any fundraisers hosted by Shaun King - he has an extensive history of collecting funds for pro-Black movements which have disappeared - deleted all petitions by The Action Pac because he is affiliated with them

*@bikenesmith on Twitter: “nonblack people - steer clear of shaun king & deray mckesson, as well as the blm foundation & campaign zero. they're not to be trusted and loads of other legit organizations and bail funds and emergency funds need your $$ & support more” (see thread for more info)

*Need a Venmo to donate to Minneapolis activists? Donate via Venmo to the Femme Empowerment Project. Be sure to set your donation to "private." You can even specify how you want your donation to be used-- medic training, medic gear, or jail support.

Donate with no money

  • Stream this - 100% of ad revenue goes to blm groups (look at comments for rules on how to properly watch/rewatch) video is currently private - see Zoe Amira’s channel for more info
  • Cashapp: $thekidsteezy
  • Venmo: BridgetteBrantley-1
  • Cashapp: $brisuchrist
  • Cashapp: $idkdallas
  • Venmo: @greypink
  • Cashapp: $kanaedes
  • DM @kanaedes on Twitter for PayPal
  • Venmo: @celestialmadonna
  • Cashapp: $celestialmaddona
  • @Transpopstar on Twitter: “I’m a black trans girl and still waiting on my unemployment after months. I need to pay bills, and I was told I have to move out soon and need money for that too. If y’all can help by retweeting and donating I appreciate it”
  • Cashapp: $helenahold
  • Venmo: @Helenahold
  • @angstymacaroni on Twitter: “I'm a black queer 19 year old facing household abuse so i need to move out urgently. I also have bills for my medical condition.. Thank you so much for your support”
  • Venmo/Cashapp: seraialex
  • PayPal: seraialexander

Bail Funds

  • MFF has raised $35M and only donated $200k for bail funds
  • Venmo: @blacklivesmatterblono
  • Savannah Bail Fund (@auslee_shebae on Instagram)
  • Cashapp: $AsliShebe
  • Venmo: @Asli-Shebe
  • Paypal:

Black owned businesses

Organizations to donate to

  • LGBTQ organizations


  • Know Your Rights

  • Creature Friend Finder (if your friend gets arrested in NYC protests, these volunteers will locate them and connect bail advocacy)
  • Minneapolis jail support: (612) 444-2654
  • Legal Rts Ctr: (612) 337-0030
  • NYC National Lawyers Guild: (212) 679-6018
  • Legal Aid Society: (212) 577-3300
  • Numbers to call for unlawful arrests:

  • 310-313-3700 - LA
  • 210- 227-1515 - SATX
  • 804-291-8520 - Richmond VA
  • 783-346-6322 - NY
  • 612-444-2654 - Minneapolis
  • 404-689-1519 - ATL
  • 484-758-0388 - Philadelphia
  • 502-705-0081 - Louisville
  • Do not open doors: ICE cannot come in without a signed warrant by a criminal court judge. They can only come in if you let them in.
  • Remain silent: ICE can use anything you say against you in your immigration case so claim your right to remain silent (“I plead the fifth amendment and choose to remain silent”)
  • Do not sign: Don’t sign anything ICE gives you without talking to an attorney
  • Report and Record: Take pictures and video unless you’re on federal government property. Take notes of badge numbers, number of agents, time, type of car, and exactly what happened (UWD hotline 1-844-363-1423)
  • Fight back: Get a trustworthy attorney to explore all options to fight your case. If detained, you may be able to get bail - don’t give up hope! Join your local team to defend yourself from enforcement!
  • Wait at least 5 days to avoid a false negative

Educate yourselves

  • JACOB PEDERSON of the St. Paul PD is widely believed to have been the undercover cop vandalizing stores and starting fires during protests.

Contact Officials

Campaign Zero (has many was to find representatives & resources for contacting them about their policies for preventing violence)

Doc with additional contact info and scripts

Email template to report racist students

Justice Emails Auto-templates

Congress Cards ($2 - For every card sent, $1 is donated)

BLM Demand for Justice Contact Checklist

Say it Again (carrd with auto-emails for many people including George Floyd, David Mcatee, Breonna Raylor, etc… )

Compilations of email templates

Write your own email - avoid relying solely on templates - tips:

  • A subject line that is written by you
  • An email that can be entirely written or partially by you
  • Including stories or incidents to make your representatives more aware of what’s actually happening

UK Auto-emails

Justice for GEORGE FLOYD contacts

Contact Outline and Info 

Instantly email (with template)

International Affairs Division

City Hall, Room 112

350 South 5th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55415

(612) 673-3074

Velma J. Korbel, Director

Department of Civil Rights

City Hall, Room 239

350 South 5th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55415

(612) 673-3012

Mayer Jacob Frey 

(612) 673-2100

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman

C-2000 Government Center

300 South Sixth Street

Minneapolis, MN 55487

(612) 348-5550

MPLS FBI field office

(763) 569-8000

MPD 3rd Precinct

(612) 673-5703

MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

(651) 793-7000

Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis

(612) 788-8444

MN Precinct Inspector

Commander of Training Unit  (possibly shut down)

Justice for REGIS KORCHINSKI-PAQUET contacts


Google Form



*@variinteresting on Twitter: If you are calling/emailing in for Regis, make sure you have an address to provide that is in the riding of Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte.

City Councillor Gord Perks - Parkdale - High Park

(416) 392-7919

MPP Bhutilla Karpoche - Parkdale - High Park

(416) 763-5630

MP Arif Virani - Parkdale - High Park

(416) 769-5072

Mayor of Toronto John Tory

(416) 397-2489

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders

(416) 808-2222

Solicitor General - Minister Sylvia Jones

(416) 325-0408

(519) 941-7751

Attorney General of Ontario Doug Downey

(416) 326-2220

(705) 726-5538

Urge the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) for transparency and accountability in handling her case

1 (800) 787-8529 OR (416) 622-0748

Address concerns to SIU Director Joseph Martino

Justice for BREONNA TAYLOR Contacts

Automated call tool (allows you to make one call that will put pressure on Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, Attorney General Daniel Cameron, and Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul)


For calling: “I am calling on behalf of Breonna Taylor. We demand that John Mattingly, Detective Brett Hankison, and Detective Myles Cosgrove are fired immediately and charged with manslaughter and negligence. We demand that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the Louisville Police Department immediately. We demand that a special session be convened to ban no-knock warrants immediately. We demand justice for Breonna Taylor. You cannot shoot an innocent civilian and call it a "clerical error" -- we will not have it.”

Murdered by Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove

Louisville Metro PD

(502) 574-7111

Louisville Mayor Office

(502) 574-2003

Louisville Mayor's Staff

Governor Beshear’s office

(502) 564 2611

District Attorney Tom Wine

(502) 595 2300

Attorney General Daniel Cameron

(502) 696-5300

Senator Rand Paul

(202) 224-4343 / (270) 782 8303

Representative John Yarmuth

(202) 225 5401

Kentucky Senators General Hotline


Justice for TONY MCDADE contacts



Tallahassee Police dept 

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey 

Commissioner Jeremy Matlow

Officer Kevin Bradshaw - Officer on Tony's case

(850) 556-1726

Justice for DION JOHNSON contacts

City of Phoenix Contacts



Arizona Dept. of Public Safety

Public Information Officer

(602) 223-2678

Justice for JAMES SCURLOCK contacts


Douglas County Attorney, Don Kleine

(402) 444-7040

Mayor of Omaha, Jean Stothert

(402) 444-5555

Justice for TAMLA HORSFORD contacts

Ron Freeman, Forsyth County Sheriff

Office: 770-781-3077

Cell: 404-264-4986

Cell: 404-226-9972


Andy Kalin, Lieutenant that oversaw the case

Office: 770-205-4588

Cell: 404-538-1130


Justice for Dafonte Miller contacts

Mailing list

Justin Trudeau

Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Fax: 613-941-6900

David Lametti

Main office - Montréal