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Guide to subtitling TED Talks on Amara
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For more information, check the TED-Amara support desk

How do I register as a new volunteer?

As an existing volunteer, how do I log in to Amara?

How do I request to subtitle talks?

Where can I find my current assignments?


How do I decline a task I’ve taken by mistake (or can’t complete)?

How many talks can I be assigned to at once?  

How do I save my in-progress work?

How do I indicate I've completed my subtitles?

When do my subtitles get published on

How do I check the status of my subtitles? 

What if I notice a mistake in my subtitles after they are published?

How do I download subtitles?


How do I upload subtitles?

How do I know who is reviewing my subtitles?

How do I know whose subtitles I'm reviewing?

How do I know what a reviewer changes in my subtitles?

How do I communicate with another volunteer?

Where can I comment or make a suggestion on a set of subtitles?

 How do I know if someone comments on my subtitles?

How do I “follow” a set of subtitles?

For additional help, please email