C9 for International Lab/ Lab C

 255 SP09

Teacher    Nicole DeSalvia                                                 Date      4/20                            Topic      Zumba                                     

Essential Elements of Instruction         Teaching Style:         *Command                *Practice                 Reciprocal                Guided Discovery


        (Self assessment)                          














                     1      (1) Introduction             Name (implicit if continuing lesson or scaffolding)

                       1    (1) Protocol/Signal of Attention          Whistle                  Voice(s)             Music                     Other

                     1      (1) Hook/Anticipatory Set         Peaks interest & motivates                  Objectives             Expectations        

                     .5      (1)  Safety              Statement          Rules             Each Segment

                     1      (1)  Instant Activity/Warm-up         Starts within 30 sec   ___ All active       Aerobic          Flexibility        Specific  

                   .5       (1) Visual Aids             Color                       Neat                Mnemonic/acronym      __ Prop

             Contrast               Spelling                View from 30 Feet


     .5       (1) Demonstration             Whole w/ equip.            Whole w/out equip.                   Slow motion with the cues

                            Different angles            Whole w/ equip. in context of task            Common fault        


     .5      (1)  Tasks/Explanation      3-5 main points                  Relevant rules                     Cues                Uses Visual Aids


                   (1)  Intratask Variation          changed task for low-skilled             changed task for high-skilled                  

                           (1) CFU              Asks questions             3-5 sec. wait             Varied Questions         Student

                                                             Sample the group        Physical             Gestures              Performance

                (hi & low achievers)         Response                        


                      1     (1) Practice             Activity matches obj           Hi-time on task        Foresight             Equipment Ready                                                        

                        2   (3) Feedback            Used Names        Specific to cues (congruent)   ___≥ 50% students        Positive first        

                        1   (1) Closure        View of Group         Questions         Refocusing the Learner        Student Part.

     Students in sight          Preplanned             Restating expectations             Answered ques.

             Backs to cues               Various types             Restating objectives             Student demon.        

 Sub-Total A

               10 /15

     Hook next lesson (Dangle carrot)             Wait time

                     N/A      Assessment                   Authentic                    Reliable                         Valid

                (2)  Presentation of Lesson        S = Strength        A=Average         W = Weakness

     Equipment & Supplies          A   Prepared                   ATransitions                     Clean-up

   S  Teacher Placement          A  Visible                     Facing Class                   A  Keeps Students backs to Distractions

 Sub-Total B


  A   Student Attention             Enforces Signal                     Commands Attention             Uses a Signal

   A  Directions                     Foresight                  A   Clear and Concise                   A  Student Placement

  A   Maximum Participation          A   Students Active                     Safety Awareness                   A  Specific to Activity

     Pace                             On Task                   A  Transitions Orderly             Speed of Presentation

(2) Professional Attributes

                        A   Voice                    A Clear                     Firm                     Enunciates             Pronuciates

                   A  Language           A  Professional             Intelligible             Precise

                  A   Enthusiasm           A  Energy           W  Intensity             Body Language

                         S  Prof. Appearance           A  Dress                    S Groomed             Self-Controlled


                A few specific things missed were checking for understanding after the demonstration, and also demonstrating at different angles. The visual aids were good, but with technical difficulty couldn’t be seen at full size. Could have used a better hook and more specific safety instructions. Also must work on feedback to students, be congruent and specific, not just “good job class”. Closure was good with pre planned questions, need a hook into next class. Professional dress done well, need more enthusiasm and energy!                                            




Reflection (4)  

Describing growth difference b/w labs with appropriate  evidence  loaded to Google Docs.  Ideally audio or video sample < 10 seconds) and photos. Posted to blog.

3 /4


Forms (loaded and published using Google Docs)

  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Feedback
  3. Time Coding
  4. Transcript



Time Coding

____ (1) Management < 15%

____ (2) Activity > 50%

____ (1) Instruction < 30%

____ (1) Waiting < 5%                                                    3/5


____ (1) TBI

____ (1) Scaffolding

____ (1) Pinpoint