Packing List

Note: Items in italic need to be confirmed, items in bold need to be bought


Thorn Adventure Tandem

inc: drag brake, SON, solidlights, rear lights, 40 spoke wheels, Marathon plus touring tyres, brooks B17 saddles, 3 bottle cages on frame, 2 bottle cages on rear seatpost, 1 bottle cage on front bars

Kryptonite New York D lock + cable

saddle covers (shower caps)

Bike spares

Spare tyre(s) - Marathon XR folding

HP X pump

4 spare tubes

puncture repair kit


2 x park tools tyre boot

2 x kevlar emergency spokes

3 x pair koolstop blue brake pads

3 x brake cables (one of each type)

2 x gear cables

spare sync chain bits

spare rear chain bits

chain tool

quick links

spare pin for chain tool

selection of spare bolts

spare SPD bolts


3 tyre levers

allen key set

small AJ spanner

8mm spanner

cross head & flat head screwdriver (multi-tool)



2 small rags

small container of degreaser

next best thing (cassette tool)

selection of cable ties

black electrical tape

gaffer tape


spoke key

latex gloves

choc block


carradice super C rear panniers

Ortlieb roll top front panniers

Frame bag

4 x bungees

spare pannier hooks

carrying straps for front panniers

dry bag

bar bag

snack pack

body wallet

packaway rucksack

map case

packing tape & glue

ctc bike bag

Water & Carriers

Katadyn pocket microfilter

Katadyn puritabs

2 standard 750ml Sigg water bottles with sports lid

2 widemouth 750ml Sigg water bottles with sports lid

One plastic water bottle

10 litre ortlieb bowl

small washing up bowl

10 litre water bag

4 litre water bag

Clothing - Joth

Shimano SPD sandals

Shimano MT71 SPD touring shoes

2 x short socks

1 x walking socks (smartwool)

1 x normal black socks

3 x underpants (rohan)

1 x speedos

2 x cycle shorts (gore)

1 x zip-off convertible trousers (rohan)

1 x ronhills

1 x humvee 3/4 length baggies

1x s/s and 1x l/s (icebreaker/endura)

1 x t-shirt (icebreaker)

1 x travel shirt

1 x cardigan (icebreaker)

1 x arm warmers (smartwool/merino)

1 x knee warmers

1 x ear warmers

Clothing - Emma

Shimano SPD sandals

Shimano SPD touring shoes

waterproof socks

thin black socks

thin woolly socks

small black socks

white merino baselayer top

merino /old baselayer leggings

2 x merino t-shirts

2 x lycra bike shorts

convertable shorts/trousers



blue fleece top

lightweight shirt

swim suit

sports bras (2 black, 1 grey)

pants (3 pairs)

Clothing - Waterproof

2 x jackets

2 x trousers

1 pair ankle straps

Clothing - Misc

2 x emergency blanket

2 x buffs


sun hats

1 x cycling cap

magic hats

cycling glasses

gloves 2 x (mits, liner, latex, winter)

Laundry and repair

needles & thread (large & small)

safety pins

mesh bags

concentrated washing liquid


swiss army knife

primus omnifuel inc windshield

fuel bottle

 2 x pans with handles

large titanium mug with lid

titanium mug

tea towel in two halves

small wooden spoon

spork x 2


3 x plates

small sharp knife

concentrated liquid + scrubber

sparker flint

zip lock bags

kitchen roll

stove service kit


Hilldeburg nallo 2 GT

Nallo 2 GT footprint

2 x snugpak softie Autumn sleeping bags

2 x silk liners

2 x 3/4 length thermorests


spare plastic bags (sandwich bags, carrier bags & rubble sacks)

2 x head torch


2 x pillows

Washkit & medical

2 x travel towels


2 x small touthpaste

2 x toothbrushes

shower gel/shampoo

sterile kit, first aid kit & drugs

contact lenses & associated stuff

female hygiene



loo roll


disposable razor

razor & “snake oil” shaving balm

deodorant (x 2)

nail clippers


hand sanitiser

lip balm

insect repellent

Electrical goodness

E-werk dynamo adapter

Freeloader 2 x AA/AAA charger/power bank

5Ah PortaPow battery pack

camera - fujifilm AX280

spare memory card + SD card USB adapter

Batteries (rear lights, head torches, camera)

2 x phones

Garmin 705

cables & adapters for the above

mains usb adapter

travel plug


light-fitting mains adapter - TBC


2 x emergency boil in bag meals

garlic & herb pot

chilli flakes

salt & pepper

milk powder

40 tea bags

20 rooibos tea bags

8 stock cubes (chicken/vegetable)

curry powder

quick cook risotto

bonk rations (sweets, chocolate & cereal bars)


salt & pepper

First Aid kit

antiseptic wipes



dressings (variety of sizes)


antiseptic cream

bite/sting cream







re-hydration salts

glucose tablets

latex gloves



micropore tape

tobacco tin

Admin, papers

2x passports

2x driving licence (card)

Copies of:

Business cards (joth)


South America handbook

Yellow fever vaccinations x2

US Dollars. Chilean Pesos

Couple photos of family, home. (On the camera/phone?)

Phone card? (Free ones from virgin atlantic?)

Wallet & Credit cards

Foreign cash

Nationwide card authenticator