2015 PONY Baseball and Softball

North Zone PINTO Player Pitch Baseball Tournament Rules 


A. At each league's option, tournament teams may be comprised as follows:

1. Entirely of League age 8 year-old players or any combination of 8, 7, 6, 5 year old players.

2. Tournament team shall consist of a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 players, one manager, two coaches and one business manager will be permitted on the field or bench.  


A. Tournament players must:

1. Be of proper age: Per PONY Rule Book.  

2. Reside within the boundaries of the league represented by the tournament team.

3. Have participated in at least one-half of the team's games in the league represented.

4. Comply with the rules and regulations for league and tournament play.


A. Each league president or designated league officer shall examine the birth certification documents of all players on the league tournament team and using the Eligibility Affidavit Form provided by PONY BASEBALL shall confirm by this affidavit the eligibility of the players on the tournament team representing their league.

B. The name of the player must be listed on the Affidavit Form exactly as it is shown on the birth document.

C. Two (2) copies of the Eligibility Affidavit Form are to be presented to the Tournament Director at the team's first tournament game.

D. Proof of RESIDENCY is required.

E. Medical Release form is required.


A. Tournament team business managers must carry with them to all tournament games legal certification of birth such as birth certificates or copies of same.


A. Pitching Distance: 38 feet

B. Distance between bases: 50 FEET

C. The recommended home run fence distance at the foul Lines and center field are:

Foul Line:  125 ft min. to 170 ft max.

Center field:  125 ft min. to 200 ft max.  

D. The height of the pitcher’s mound shall be 4 inches.


A. Both leather and vinyl covered baseballs bearing the emblem of PONY BASEBALL are manufactured to specifications by several companies and are baseballs required for tournament play.

B. Both metal and wooden bats are legal. No coach pitch stamped bats are allowed.

C. It is recommended that "rubber molded cleats" or "tennis shoes" be used for
PINTO play.

D. Batter, players in the on deck area, base runners and players coaching in the baselines coaching boxes are required to wear protective headgear which gives protection to the top of the head, temples, ears and base of skull. Items are to be NOCSAE approved.

E. Catchers are required to wear a mask with throat guard (throat guard must attach to mask and extend to top of chest unless using hockey style mask), chest protector, shin guards, protective athletic supporter with cup and protective headgear which gives protection to the top of the head when catching behind the plate. Any player serving as a catcher to warm up a pitcher shall wear a mask, bullpen included.


A. NO RE-ENTRY as a pitcher. Once a pitcher has been removed from the mound he may not return to the mound as a pitcher.

B. Three (3) innings per day maximum.

If a pitcher pitches three (3) innings in a calendar day, they must have 40 hours rest. 4 - Team Tournament: Maximum of nine (9) innings. More than 4 Teams: in the first 3 games, pitchers have a maximum of nine (9) innings. After third game is played all pitchers have nine (9) innings of eligibility remaining.

C. A manager may go out twice to talk to any player, but must change the pitcher on the second trip.

D. A pitcher must have one foot in contact with the rubber. Penalty is a ball.


A. Game length shall be six (6) innings, unless tie score, in this event, the game will be played to its conclusion.

B. Team Roster: May list a maximum of fifteen (15) players with a minimum of twelve (12). Teams to do not list 12 or more eligible players on their tournament eligibility affidavit at their first level of play will be disqualified from tournament play.

C. Batting order and positions fielded: Continuous batting order and nine (9) position players in the field. (No substitutions for base runner except for an emergency / injury)

D. Nine (9) batters or three (3) outs per inning whichever comes first. No maximum run limit. Announce ninth (9th) batter to opposing team and umpires.

E. Defensive and Offensive Substitutions:

1. Free Defensive substitutions.

2. All pitching changes must be reported.

F. No Balks, No bunting, No intentional walks. No showing of bunt, bunting or soft swing. Swing shall count as a strike and the ball is dead.

G. Infield Fly rule applies.

H. The Ball is dead when a player has control of the ball in the home plate dirt area. No further advancement may take place unless a play is made on a runner already trying to advance before the ball reached the home plate area. The runner must be past the base to continue trying to advance.

I. No coaches or instructors are allowed on the field during play. All coaches must be the dugout or the dugout opening.

J. All appeals must be thrown to base. The ball will still be in play.


A. On issuance of a walk, the ball becomes dead until put back into play by the umpire.

B. No leading off. Runner must remain in contact with the base until the ball crosses home plate.
PENALTY:  Runner is called out.

C. Runner at third may not steal home. If a runner at third draws a throw from the catcher, it will be ruled as an attempt to steal home. The runner will be sent back if he is successful. However, if called out, the call will stand. Other runners may advance and are in jeopardy of being put out.


A. By a batted ball.

B. Bases loaded on a walk or hit batter.

C. Continuation plays on a batted ball.  


A. Ten (10) run lead after four (4) innings.

B. Nine (9) batters or three (3) outs per inning whichever comes first. No maximum run limit...


A. Players: Must be in conventional baseball uniform with the Official Pony Baseball Tournament Emblem.

B. Coaches: Must be in conventional baseball uniform with the Official Pony Baseball Tournament Emblem. ABSOLUTELY NO SHORTS


A. No Buckets.

B. No bats are to be thrown.

C. No cell phones or electronic devices on the field.

D. No Jewelry is allowed to be worn. You may wear Medical Alert jewelry.

E. Player Injuries. Please do not allow parents on the field unless it is a serious injury.

F. Pitching sheet must be signed after each game.

G. Tarp rules.... Dead Ball Territory.

H. All protests must be made immediately. All protests are handled by Tournament Officials as they happen.

In addition to the rules stated herein, all games are subject to the 2014 Pony Baseball Rules & Regulations or Official Baseball Rules.

Revised 11/14/2014