Bronyville Episode 035 - Friendship On Borrowed Time

Time : Saturday, December 17th -  pm PST

Where: Skype - Invite bronyville

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 35 recorded on December 18th, 2011. I am your host Apple Cider


Apple Cider

Chef Sandy

Purple Tinker

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Topic Time!

Episode! Hearths Warming Eve - written by Merriwether Williams.

It’s episode 37! In a row!


Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, and Friends(!),

I am a long time listener, first time writer, inspired to finally write to you fantastic bronies thanks to iBringDaLULZ and his holiday PSA. As you are aware, he has encouraged bronies near and far to share words of thanks and gratitude to fellow bronies who have been a source of inspiration, hope, and other such things.

I came into this community over the summer, sucked in by the exceptional quality of Friendship is Magic and the quality of the ever growing fandom: the art, fiction, music, annnd podcasts are amazing! I started listening to your show during my graveyard shifts at work, not knowing what to expect. The humor, good nature, and chemistry you and Chef Sandy share has helped to lift my spirits, and bring a smile to my face when life makes me want to scream instead. The variety of guests has kept things entertaining and spicy as well!

I look forward to listening to future episodes (especially at work) and hope to see you all at Bronycon. Keep up the good work, may fortune smile on your endeavors, and whatever the future brings I hope you both remain good friends (and partners in crime!) :D.


Midnight Oil (finally made a pony name... does this make me a full fledged brony now? :O)

PS. I've been wanting to suggest a fanfic for you both to read for some time, Guardians by Warhorse72. Although EQD labels it a grimdark fic, you can be rest assured your sensitive eyes won't be exposed to senseless cupcakes and rainbows.

PPS. Rarity is best pony... who could have guessed?

Greetings!  I'll lay off the accent in this email, but feel free to read it in the cheesiest, most outrageous Germahn accent you can manage.  ;)

I quite enjoyed The Secret of my Excess, particularly the slightly subtler references to King Kong than you'll usually get (the kidnapping sequence was practically shot-for-shot).  And, of course, the massive amount of ship-launching that was going on.  So.  Much.  Shipping.  It was also interesting to introduce the idea that dragons don't necessarily mature because of time, but because of their hoarding instincts.  Of course, their maturity would have to 'catch up' eventually in order to give us giant dragons capable of coherent sentences, but I could see that too.  Would also explain giant dragons being fairly rare, since the ones who grow like Spike did here would inspire dragon hunters long before they could mature enough to chill out and relax.

As for Hearth's Warming Eve (the reason I waited until the last minute to send out this email), I'd say that most of it is actually pretty close to the quality level of most Christmas pageants I've seen.  The Windigos were an interesting idea to add in, and give us something more for the list of Equestrian nasties.  Not what I'd call a top tier episode, but not a bad one, for what it was meant to be.  Reasonably solid, and not focused on making a parallel parable in the "modern day" with the cast having the same sort of squabbles during the show (something I hate to see in dramatized performances; most casts can pull together at least that long.)

Discussing your own show, I have to say.  Mike the Mic was an astounding guest.  I find myself giggling as I sing the "My Little Redneck" lyrics in my head during the episode intros.  I have to say that there are dangers in getting Mike online when Chef isn't around.  For example, some of your fans might take it upon themselves to, just hypothetically, hypnotize Chef and tie him up in the apple cellar so that Mike could be on all the time.  At least until the resulting weapons-grade oatmeal caused Pinkie to manifest in reality and destroy the world in one massive party (maybe that's what the Mayans were talking about?)


Professor Shrinky Frod (still missing my umlaut).

P.S.:  Courtesy of Apple Cider, I now want to see Princess Candenscia, Mistress of Lightbulbs.  I may be forced to write this into being.  I hope you're pleased with yourself, AC.

Dear AC, Chefalicious, and Guest(s),


I am part of the small but expanding group of military bronies, though I’m reluctant to share said interest with my comrades-in-arms. As a pilot, I’m accustomed to being around all manner of nerdery and fanboyism (after all, most of us grew up wanting to be astronauts), but professing love for colorful equines is going just a *little* too far, at least for now. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, to see Dash lightning bolts pop up on the less noticeable parts of our aircraft. Now that I think about it… that’s not a bad idea…


Anyway, I just finished listening to your podcast from the first episode to present. I only came into the fandom a couple of months ago (right before Luna Eclipsed) and it took a while after watching the series to find out about your show. It felt really weird hearing you guys sign off and NOT being able to skip ahead immediately to the next episode. Now I’m going to have to wait a whole week, just like with MLP. /sigh. Oh well, it’s worth it. You guys do a great job and I’m going to love tuning in for as long as you broadcast.


Instead of a question, I’ve got a fanfic concept I wanted to throw out there for you to discuss; it’s a little strange, but hang with me… Pony MST3Ks. Once upon a time, back when the Evangelion fandom was HUGE, there was a fanfic author who excelled at doing “MSTs” of the best (or worst) examples of Eva fanfic. The catch is that instead of using Joel and the bots, the author had his own versions of the Eva main cast watching “movies” about themselves from a parallel dimension. It sounds weird in concept, but the execution was hilarious. Watching canon versions of the characters react to over-the-top shipping of themselves or the utter insanity of crackfics added a whole new twist – it was like getting two fanfics in one. On the occasion when he picked a darkfic to MST, the effect was kind of like the alternate endings to that-fic-which-shall-not-be-named… the MST reactions softened the blow, or somehow made it better.


So I guess I do have a question… if you could take the canon cast as seen in the series and show them a fanfic (portrayed like a movie to them), which one would it be and why?


Long e-mail is long, so I guess I’ll wrap it up here. Take care gentlemen, and thanks for all you do.




And, for the record:

Luna [royalcanterlotvoice]IS BEST PONY[/royalcanterlotvoice].

Fluttershy is best Mane 6.

Vinyl Scratch is best background pony.

Scootaloo is best chicken.

Mic the Microphone is best guest.

…and Sleepy Pie is best Starry Night (awwww).


Oh, and Chef Sandy is best host! =P (kidding, you’re both awesome).

Greetings Apple Cider, Chef Sandy and Awesome Guest,

After giving your podcast a whirl back in October and two months of on-and-off listening to your podcast right from the beginning (sometimes instead of sleeping) it is with great pleasure that I am now finally up to date and have just finished listening to Episode 34. You guys have done an excellent job with the podcast and it really shows, and props also goes to your audiopony Mbulsht. You also have some pretty awesome guests on the show, most notably Midnight Shadow, Eurobeat Brony (please have him back, I want to hear his announcer voice again), The Beatle Bronies and Mic The Microphone, who help to add a pinch of crazy insane oatmeal, British, fun times two, coolness multiplied by 1.2, awesomeness, radicalness, Rainbow Dash abuse, yadda yadda yadda My Little Redneck.

Anyway, the point of this email (apart from praise) is that I have a simple question for you (and guest). Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm is an excellent track, and makes for an equally excellent intro song to your show. If you were by any chance to change your intro song to something else, what would you choose?

Anyway, keep up the great work, and thankyou for reading my email which I have restrained from typing up for many weeks because I wanted to finish listening to everything so that I could be sure I wasn't asking something you had already answered.

From your tireless listener,


PS. Rarity and Twilight Sparkle are best ponies.

PPS. Regarding names you could give Chef, being an enthusiastic TF2 player I would like to suggest (heavy voice) Chef Sandvich. And AC, you can be Apple Psyduck.

Sent from my iPad

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, and honored guest(s).

        I'm sure you've received a zillion emails about this already, but Rarity's singing voice is not Tabitha St. Germain, but rather Kazumi Evans (can you believe Chef Sandy could make a mistake like that? Come on!). I don't know much about Kazumi Evans, but according to Wikipedia, she was a finalist a few years back on the Canadian talent show "Triple Sensation".

        Speaking of voice actors, I'm not sure if you follow other Brony podcasts, but earlier this week EverFree Radio interviewed Maddy Peters, the voice actress for Scootaloo. I mention this not to call attention to the show, the interview, or even the song that Maddy recorded in collaboration with MandoPony and AccousticBrony ( ), though I think all of those are great.

        Instead, I wanted to draw attention to the charity fundraiser Maddy is organizing to provide famine relief in Africa ( ). I believe Maddy's plan is to sell original artwork to benefit the charity, but a number of people have started donating already. In fact, the fundraiser is already a good portion of the way to its goal of $10,000 ( generous anonymous donors making the rest of us look bad ). I thought it might be nice for you guys to give it a shout out and encourage your audience to donate. It would be another great way for Bronies to show how generous we can be.

        Take care,


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Dear Princess Celestia,

It’s holiday time and everypny is busy as usual. It’s a goof time to be thankful to those around us. I know that Sandy and I both are super grateful of our amazing fans and the love and support they shine our way. In the spirit of these holidays, Purple Tinker returns for a few to discuss the developments with Bronycon Can I manage a guess without his co-host to reign him in?


Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

PPS - The news about PonyArchive we had was understood as accurate as of Saturday. The situation has obviously changed and will be covered next show.

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