Fall Quarter Update

Greetings Campus,

I wanted to provide an update and our statistics from the Fall Quarter START Demonstration Project.  

Student Technology Advice & Resource Team (START), is a student led resource focused on helping students understand and navigate available EdmondsCC technologies.  

NEW for WINTER 2012: Mobile Workshop

START is offering a unique service during the Winter 2012 quarter.  Instructors with group (or team) oriented classes, can now book a 30 or 60 minute time slot for START to provide an interactive workshop on the free collaboration tools students have access to. We will address the scheduling process in a separate email and post a page with instructions on our site.  Winter 2012 Quarter Mobile Workshops have already been scheduled by ISS (New Students Orientation) and ESL/ABE classes.  Note: these workshops require student access to computer lab equipment, please continue to adhere to the normal EdmondsCC scheduling process and best practices for this.  

START will reopen on January 3rd.


Our demonstration project assisted over 450 students - here are some of their questions


Google Apps Questions


Basic PC Questions


Here is what these students (and instructors) are saying:


Our Geeks:

  1. Pam Bolton - Internal Operations,
  2. Nick Giovanni - Application Developer,
  3. Don Voges - Remote Operations,
  4. Sherrie Barlow - DeskSide Support
  5. Delwin Inness - DeskSide Support
  6. Rob Sokoloski - DeskSide Support
  7. Bev Mohale - DeskSide Support
  8. Sharon Rapetswa - DeskSide Support
  9. Lovey Ray - DeskSide Support
  10. Tim Hass - Project Coordinator


Our Numbers:


Partnering Departments: EdmondsCC Library, Learning Support Center, Academic Computing Services, Application Development Services, EdmondsCC HelpDesk, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Steve Higdon's CIS Computer Repair Lab, ASEdCC Executive Board Technology Representative


Notes about our numbers: Not all incidents were documented.  Incident Tickets are counted for each occurrence START received an email or a student walked through the door. Incident tickets could address one or more issues; for example, 1 student coming in could have an EdMail issue and a Blackboard question, this has been counted as 1 Incident Ticket. We've included both Number of Tickets and Number of Questions to help with clarification of this.  Time spent with student is approximate and not intended to reflect inefficiencies, this time is dictated impart by a number of external factors; such as, number of incident questions, incident level of complexity, need for reinforcement of technical ideas, as well as other things.  

START would like to thanks all of our EdmondsCC Partners and all those that provided us support and helped us get off the ground.

Special thanks and recognition go to ASEdCC, TIMC and the EdmondsCC Foundation for their generous funding making our service possible.

START - Student Technology Advice & Resource Team

Lynnwood Hall Room 305 -- Visit us online at start@edcc

I apologize for being unable to respond to all the great feedback and support you provided earlier, but I did pass this on to the START staff.

-- Kind Regards,

Tim Hass