SUNY Cortland

Sara Woodward

EDU 255

 Verbal Transcription of Lab

(To the whole class)


Hey Everybody I’m Coach Woodward.

And, I’m gonna start with, a, quick question.

So, who knows what surfing is?

Right, It’s like basketball right?

Yeah, ok.

Well, I’ll tell you how its like basketball.

Surfing, you know, you’re here, hanging ten, you know, chill.

It’s kind of the same thing in basketball on defense.

Shoulder width apart, keep your balance, knees bent, hands up.

It’s kind of the same thing, alright?

So what we’re going to do is practice some defensive techniques with a little game called knee tag.

Alright, so when I say go we are going to spread out, give each other enough space and we are going to play knee tag.

(To Vicky Turner)

Vicky, can you demonstrate with me?

(To the whole class)

What you and your partner are going to do is stay low like you would on defense, hands up all you’re gonna steal the ball.

All you’re gonna do is try and not let your partner touch your knee caps while trying to get theirs, alright?

So, try and chase around, right?

Making sure you’re eyes are up seeing if you’re bumping into anybody.

Move around, stay close, and try to tag each other.

Alright, so everybody get the idea?

Alright, so when I say go, everyone get a partner, spread out, and play a little knee tag.

Alright, ready, go!

Got a partner?

(To Cory)

Cory, you want to be partners with Vicky?

(To whole class)

Stay low.

Hands up.


Alright, freeze!

Alright, who got their partner more than once?

(To student)

You did?


(To whole class)

Anyone not get their partner?

Oh ok, not a problem.

Uh, so why don’t we, uh, switch it up?

(To Sam and Cory)

So Sam and Cory, you switch.

(To Ryan and Greg)

And then Ryan and Greg switch

(To whole class)

Alright, we’re going to play again, new partners, different challenge.

Alright, so when I say go, we’re gonna start.

(To two students)

Yeah, why don’t you guys move back so you don’t run into each other.

Good, thank you.

(To whole class)

Alright, ready?


Alright freeze!

Alright, who got their partner?

Raise your hand.

Alright good, good.

Alright, so, let’s see.

Why don’t we, uh, switch it up one more time.

(To myself)

Who hasn’t been together.

(To whole class)

Find someone you haven’t been with yet.

Introduce yourself, get a new challenge.

Alright, this is the last time, so let’s see some good knee tag, alright?

(To camera)


(To whole class)



Alright, freeze!

Ok, let’s bring it in.

Good job guys.

It looked good.

Alright, surfing, defense, kind of the same right?

Knees bent, toes out, shoulder width apart, hands up.

Looked really good guys.

Good job.


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