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Bangkok Models free webpage

drafted: 21/09/12 - updated: 03/12/12


Some models are members of Bangkok PAC;
B. PAC = Personal Assist Concierge Hospitality and Tourism Bangkok.

Please note: we are not a dating service

Benefit to you:

What we do

The Cost  - it’s FREE      We offer D.I.Y. (Do it yourself),

Support:  free for Bangkok PAC members (you need to share your gmail password with us)

We are not a modelling agency:  This idea started to help some models that are B.PAC members, they are people that serve in the tourism / hospitality industry,  see more

read on for topic: How to

read on for topic: Go Dynamic

Help us promote facebook models | How we help you and Tourism Bangkok  

help you / us  

How to make your webpage:  

1. You need a Free Gmail account

2. Email us your gmail @

3. We start a webpage and insert a google doc

4. We give you password to the google doc so you can add your content .. the google can be 1 page or unlimited .. up to you (see options.

Build your page content

We can copy the basics from your fbook page to get you started

Study this page to see the options, view the styles created by existing models
The latest creative page: 12/10/2012:


Upload your photos to your gmail a/c (Picasa) create Public or Private albums and slideshows

Help us promote facebook Group Bangkok Models

How we help you and Bangkok Tourism

Do you have photos at Hospitality & Tourism venus Bangkok?

We link your photos by your name & the venue in our photo database.

There are many web photo options below that help promote you (email us, see above)

We can convert your photos into a eBook portfolio, see create an eBook

This process is win/win - Promotes you and Bangkok venues, we welcome feedback.

Photo album tips

A picture paints a thousand words  <>  Photos are the most valuable tool on the dd web

If you created a free gmail account you’ll have FREE Picasa photo albums, where you can store photos.

Picasa is very powerful

Display options for Albums:  

Slideshow or Photos with zoom key or by map location


Webpage tips

We are using the FREE google docs in free style.  

View other model pages for ideas otherwise copy down the basics from you facebook fanpage.

Don’t worry - you can change the detail as many times as you like

The cost

but wait …...  there’s more - if you want to be dynamic .. read on

Think outside the dots....

we can convert the google doc to an eBook which can be viewed online like a magazine or download to your smart device..  read on to find out more

add pages  I create an eBook

Go Dynamic .. do more

Google doc is unlimited, add more pages and photos and make an online portfolio

Example:                                                                                       it’s FREE

add a page about                                                                

Add photos/logos and details about the business services

Web traffic: the document is auto indexed into google search engine, just like a webpage

Go Magazine style                            It’s FREE

Create your portfolio online, display as an ebook

Download your google doc, then upload to the web to display like an ebook / magazine

Example: 11/10/12:  Bangkok Model Rogue - google document

1. We downloaded the 2 page document

2. Added her photo collage to front page

3. Uploaded to issuu magazine website, the result

A three (3) page eBook, starts with Photo collage then 2 page data from google doc.              



Display options


                                                                                                 it’s FREE

Download eBook to your Iphone / ipad


carry your portfolio on your device

or a link to the bookshelf  

Page 1: Basics   Page 2: how to   Page 3: Photo albums   Page 4: Go Dynamic with eBook / Portfolio

Special privileges for Models

Page added 09/12/2012

We are receiving offers from venues offering discounts and special offers for Models to visit their venue and/or bring friends

We’re negotiating options... watch this space....

If you would like to know more please

1. make sure you have joined the facebook group - Bangkok Models

2. email f.b, in the subject field show “bkk model privileges”

3. in the detail section let us have your contact contact details including


Known offers

1. CherryBomb events - organises network parties and events for Bangkok Models

2. Various venus we are negotiating with now


How to get you recognised and show off your venues

Please donate your photos at venues Bangkok. We register them in the web photo database with links to you and the venue which mean they are quickly found through google search as well as appearing in the the venues slideshow in the Thaibis Directory, see more How we help you and Tourism Bangkok