Case Study - Colorado Master Builders

Rod Kazenske has been designing and building residential projects with Colorado Master Builders and Architects (CMB) since 1995. He has worked in the construction, carpentry, and architecture industry for 24 years and been using Google SketchUp for over 10 years.  Rod added Shaderlight to his toolset in March 2011.


As an architect, Rod firmly believes that - "Successful projects must combine inspired architectural design and skilful construction. Neither disciplines' potential can be fully realized without the other."


To ensure his clients are inspired, Rod is always on the lookout for tools and techniques that communicate his ideas effectively.


“There are folks doing some very cool and extremely detailed things out there with Shaderlight and SketchUp.  As a professional, I have to be thinking about how I integrate this tool into my business and how it fits in with what we are already doing.”


As a design/build architecture firm, CMB also has a fabrication side to the business. To see how Shaderlight could be incorporated in to some of the custom fabrication work, the team played around rendering one of their recent projects - a sales counter for a local fly fishing shop.


“SketchUp has been great for working with clients at the development phase of a project but being able to quickly add realistic lighting with Shaderlight has taken the renderings to the next level. Lighting is crucial as that’s where I’m really able to sell the idea. It was particularly important in this project because the lighting and display were such critical components of the design.”


Even at the early stages of the design process, Rod finds Shaderlight particularly helpful as it enables him to place his designs in a real world environment.


Using background images that have been photographed at the actual location, this simple feature within Shaderlight renders a design in situ. This significantly reduces the amount of environment and surrounding context that Rod has to create - saving him lots of time.


“This is a simple shade structure for a polo field we are working on.  A quick and simple render using a background image really helped the client to see the design in actual context.”


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