PED 201 – Professor Yang

Reflection:  Lab Six


Ian Schwan

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A. To reflect on your experiences working with the St. Mary’s students.

B. To gain knowledge and insight as to your individual “teaching style” through play and participation.

Answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

TASK A/B:  Reflection on experiences working with St. Mary’s students.

  1. Based upon observations and interactions with the St. Mary’s students, describe what you have learned about young children?  Provide examples of activities you felt were appropriate. Why? Were there activities that were not appropriate?  Why?  

I’ve learned about young children that I need to be more patient and I need to expect kids to make comments about games and about how much fun there having. I also learned that in the after school setting, that if kids refuse to play a game, you just need to let it go after a certain amount of times trying and just let them watch and if they like it they will come in and try it. I’ve learned to just have fun with the kids and be excited about everything, and it reflects there feelings on it. If you want to play it, then they want to play it too. I did not notice any activities that weren’t appropriate, I feel like the kids are so young that you can get away with stuff that might cause girl guy drama.

  1. Based upon your interactions with St. Mary’s PRE K program, describe your experience.  How was this different from working with the older age students?  Did you enjoy working with younger age children?  Why or Why not?

Working with the PRE K kids, I realized how much they are not developed, I had thought that the kids would be able to do more and I found out that I was wrong, in all actuality the kids were just happy to do whatever you were doing. The younger kids just enjoy being in the gym and getting a chance to play, the kids mostly like to explore themselves so it makes it difficult to control them but they have a great time regardless, there a lot of fun to be around. The first week I was with them I didn’t enjoy them because I expected them to be able to perform more things but when I went in the second week and I found out what they can do, I had a great time with them, however I found out that with a parachute, they enjoy running under it more than around it. After spending two labs with them, I began to like that age group a lot more.

  1.  During your field experience, each of you worked with children in the cafeteria setting.  Describe the fine motor activities you observed.  Do you feel that working on fine motor activities is something we should work on in Physical Education.

When we worked with children in the cafeteria setting, the kids were able to play with the lego’s, draw within the lines much better than the PRE K kids and they were old enough to be able to play checkers and other board games. The kids were able to perform fine motor activities easier than I had expected and it seemed like they were beginning to make there personalities and fall into the roles for who they will be when they are older.

  1.  Reflecting on your growth as a future teacher, what have you learned from this experience that has given you insight as to your individual “teaching style”.  Has your teaching style emerged based upon your experience and interaction at St. Mary’s.  If yes, in what way.  If not, how else might this occur?                                                                                                                                                I feel that after working at St. Mary’s I’ve begun to learn my teaching style, I found that when I am loud when talking to a group but also when I am explaining a game I only talk once they are all quiet. I think that after this experience I’ve begun to realize the type of teacher I hope to be and the type of teacher I am going to be. I like to think that by the end the kids gave me more respect and I also was able to explain thing with much more confidence and I was able to connect with the kids better. So in overall, I’ve begun to feel that this experience has begun to help me connect with the children, its helped me become a better teacher when I am talking and explaining things but it has also taught me how I to see the flaws in motor skills but also to be able to recognize the type of motor development they are in and to be able to make things easier for them This St. Mary’s experience has helped me a lot in becoming the teacher I hope to be.