Human Anatomy and Physiology I

TCC – BIO 141  Lab

Rachel Lewis



  Rachel Lewis, MS 651-0216, website:


 DATE                        TOPIC                                        TEXT                                

1          Aug. 23                        Introduction and Lab Safety                         Handout – Packet for Practical I

                                Anatomical Terminology                        Van DeGraaff, Chapters 1 and 2        

                                Body Cavities; Organ Systems                          Marieb, Chapters 1 and 3

                                Microscopes; Cell Structure; Mitosis  


2        Aug. 30                Quiz on all material covered in first lab  (15 points) 

Histology: An Overview                        Handout;  Van DeGraaff, Chapter 3          

Epithelial Tissues, Nerve Tissue                        Marieb, Chapter 4

* 3        Sept. 6                Histology Worksheet  due at beginning of class (10 pts) 

Histology:  Connective Tissues                        continued                                


4        Sept. 13                Histology Quiz  (15 pts) 

Histology: Muscle Tissue                        continued                                

                        Integumentary System                         Handout; Van DeGraaff, Chapter 4

                                                                        Marieb, Chapter 5

5        Sept. 20                PRACTICAL  I  (100 points) 

                                Overview of the Skeletal System                Handout; Van DeGraaff, Chapter 5 (33–34, 47–49)

Axial Skeleton: Vertebral Column and Thorax        Marieb, Chapter 7 (216–225)


6        Sept. 27                        Appendicular Skeleton                        Van DeGraaff, Chapter 6                                                                                                                 Marieb, Chapter 7 (225–242)  

7        Oct. 4                Skeleton Quiz (15 pts)

Ligaments and Articulations                        Van DeGraaff, Chapter 7; Marieb, Chapter 8              

                                Overview of the Muscular System                Handout

                                Muscles of the Head, Neck, and Trunk                 Van DeGraaff, Chapter 8; Marieb, Chapter 10    

8        Oct. 11                        Muscles of the Upper and Lower Extremities        continued                        

9        Oct. 18                 Muscle Quiz  (15 pts)

                                Examination of muscles  on the cadaver          

                                Review – Skeleton and Muscles                                                        


10        Oct. 25                PRACTICAL II   (100 points)

                                Overview: Bones of the Skull                        Handout  

11        Nov. 1                Skull Homework (10 pts)

                                Bones of the Skull (detailed anatomy)                Van DeGraaff, Chapter 5 (35–46)                  

Marieb, Chapter 7 (200–216)

12        Nov. 8                Skull Quiz (10 pts)

                                The Brain and Cranial Nerves                        Handouts; Van DeGraaff, Chapter 9        

Marieb, Chapters 12 (429–453, 460–463)    

                                              & 13 (493–501)  


13        Nov. 15                 Brain and CN Quiz (10 pts)

                                Special Senses                                 Handouts; Van DeGraaff, Chapter 11          

Marieb, Chapter 15                                    

14        Nov. 22                Eye, Ear Quiz (10 pts)

Spinal Cord, Nerve Plexuses,                         Handout                                        

                                     and Major Peripheral Nerves                        Marieb, Chapter 12 (466–476)

& 13 (502–511)

15        Nov. 30                 PRACTICAL III    (100 points) 

*    Labor Day Monday.  Students in Monday labs must attend another lab this week.  

**  Thanksgiving Week.  Students in Thursday,  Friday, and Saturday labs must attend lab on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  

Except for these weeks, all students must attend their regularly scheduled lab unless prior permission is obtained.  

A list of lab instructors will be provided.  

There is a maximum total of 400 points in lab, 100 for each practical and 100 total in quizzes and homework.  There actually will be more than 400 points available.    

There is no makeup for homework or quizzes.   If you miss a quiz, it is still possible to earn 100 quiz/homework points.  There is no additional extra credit beyond the extra points available on weekly quizzes and homework throughout the semester.  Your lab grade will be calculated as a percentage of points earned out of 400 points.   Your lab grade will contribute 40% to your final grade for this course.    Lecture is 60%.