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IMA Conversation

Have you seen a shift in your districts and areas because of IMA?

Its transitioning, the conversation is happening, but moving a little slowly

Teachers are finding the manner of getting and keeping apps available and updated.  Some schools are using their IMA money to buy apps, while others are being told that they are not available.

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Question? - What is the process for reviewing and certifying the new ‘textbook’ resources?

There is no one at the agency who is charged with doing that.  Authority lies with the local board.  Main concern is what are the processes for selection.

Local control = Responsibility

Use of Asynchronous Spaces can be leveraged to streamline the workload

Example: Latin teachers have a space where they share information and collaborate online.  Organized meaningful student experiences based on a challenge.

Challenge: Lack of a common platform - its more than a PDF - what is it.

               Digital resources

               “bunch of silos”

Why shift to digital content?  If there are no funds, reluctant teachers - What is the story?

How do you get the stakeholders to understand the importance?

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