Week of September 6th  Menu

Monday:        Grilled London Broil
                Potato Pancakes
                Steamed Broccoli
                Dessert, Ice Cream  and Cookies        

Tuesday:        Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti (make extra chicken for lunches)
                Sourdough bread
                Green Salad
                Dessert, Banana pudding

Wednesday:        Dawn’s Taco Potatoes
                Green Beans
                Dessert, Cookies

Thursday:        Crockpot Chili

Friday:        Rosary Group Night so it’s potluck!!

Saturday:        Spaghetti and Meatballs
                Green Salad
                Crusty Italian Bread
                Dessert, Cannoli from the bakery

Sunday:        Roast Pork
                Garlic Mashers
                Steamed Green Beans
                Corn Niblets
                Pumpernickle Bread
                Dessert: Fruit Compote with Vanilla Ice Cream