General Instructions


  1. Register for the ride well in advance by filling up the form in this link
  3. Clicking on “Yes” in the Facebook event does not mean your participation is confirmed.
  4. Read the general instructions regarding Randonnuering from here
  6. Please arrive at the start point at least 30minutes before the start of the ride for vehicle inspection and other pre ride formalities completion.
  7. Helmet is a MUST; participants without a helmet would not be allowed to ride.
  8. There are 3 Checkpoints (CP) in the ride. Gandhi Statue (CP1), Café coffee day at Mahabalipuram (CP2) and the Gandhi statue (CP3) again.
  9. Gandhi Statue is a manned CP, Remember to get your time stamped in the CP before you leave it and get the volunteers sign on the timesheet as well.
  10. CP2 is the Café coffee day in Mahabalipuram, it is an unmanned CP but it might be manned by a volunteer who would be helping riders there. As soon as you enter the CP please buy something (anything cost don’t matter) and get a computerized bill with a timestamp on it.
  11. Fill up your bottles, probably have a bite and maybe recuperate for sometime and continue with the ride.
  12. CP3 is again Gandhi statue, this would be manned and make sure you get your time stamp entered on the sheet.
  13. Submit the bill that you got at the CP2 to the volunteer there for verification and validation of your ride!
  14. All CPs have a start and close time which has been indicated in the Route Card.



Safety and Health Rules


  1. Follow regulations under all conditions, defaulters could be disqualified
  2. Wear a helmet all the time
  3. If possible wear a reflective vest for high visibility
  4. Have rear or tail lights
  5. Carry a lot of water and always remain well hydrated.
  6. Electral or Isotonic solutions or Gatorade help a lot in hydration and preventing cramps
  7. Stretch your muscles before and after your ride or during pit-stops to avoid cramps.
  8. Have a good dinner on the 14th night preferably with large dose of carbohydrates
  9. At any point of the ride if you are over come by fatigue or heat and want to quit please call the Ride Director and inform him/her of your decision.


Ride Directors

Arun Ramachandran - +91-9176125317

Partha Dutta - +91-9444112883


Remember this is not a race this is a RIDE and that there are no prizes for coming in first its imperative that you enjoy the ride.


Thank you,