Jaspan and the Landshark

Code: Chevy RAy

Art: Beau Blyth


Shoot Bastard!

Code: Chevy Ray

Art: Beau Blyth

Music: Matt Thorson

Sounds: Everybody!

TIGSource: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=22403.0

Hollow’s Deep

Programming: Chevy Ray Johnston

Graphics: Sara Gross

Music: Josh Whelchel

Animation: Ben Ruiz

Sound: Chris Geehan

The Magnificent

Beau Blyth / Teknopants

flail 2

Matt Thorson


Programming: Chris Pavia (@Teknobabel)

Art: Chris Pavia

Design: Chris Pavia

Sound: ???

Spunk and Moxie

Design: Paul Hubans (@phubans)

Programming: Carter Randolph (@turbinatebobcat)

Art: Dan Fessler (@DanFessler)

Music: Stevie Hryciw (@hryx)

http://www.chocoho.com/ (ask phubans if you want to try it out)


(Mike Stevenson & Andrew Coggeshall - Basenji Games @basenjigames)

Frog Defense

Code, design, sad programmer art: Jim Crawford (@mogwai_poet)

Real art: Rachel Sala

Project Corona

(Andy Moore @weasello)

Offspring Fling

(Kyle Pulver @kylepulver)


(Matthew Wegner)

Mostly internal work (Unity JavaScript -> C# port).  Maybe a couple new features!


matthew made me do this

Indie Games for Good

(Matt Rasmussen @mrasmus, Daniel Ching, Zach Cameron)

Indie games marathon for Child’s Play Charity! Get your favorite games (or one of your own) on a livestream to raise money for sick children!

Tales of the Renegade Sector

(Alec Stamos)


Evan Balster and Josh Whelchel

Molasses Meow

(Andrew G. Crowell)

Elements of Magic


Kung Fu Killforce

Programming: Justin Fic

Art: Erik Skov

Music: Blake Buck

Chris Cornell

Music: Flashygoodness

Everything else:  Chris


HTML5 scuba / fish catching game (reusing some art from one of our other games)

above is a mock up - need javascript + artist help to finish ^.^

 dc@pikkle.com  say hi!


“Programming” - James Higgins

Art - Sven Ruthner

World’s Best Selling Game

Everything: Triplefox

play now


Chris Bell, Walt Destler (and friends!)

SPELLFLINGER - the game formerly known as Arcanarena Gaiden

Kumar Daryanani

Modipulate (audio library)


Eric Gregory and Stevie Hryciw

8vb (demo game):


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