CLOTHES - Dress in light layers during cold temps instead of wearing bulky clothing (which you might end up carrying once you start to sweat):

First layer: look for clothing labeled “moisture-wicking”, “technical” or “performance” (keeps sweat away from your body).  Avoid wearing cotton as it holds moisture & keeps it next to your skin, which in turn makes you colder – brrrrr!!  NO  COTTON! 

Second layer: should be lightweight fleece, either long sleeved or a vest to keep your core & arms warm.

Third/outer layer: should block the wind, repel water & be breathable - a light jacket or windbreaker is perfect for this.

Optional:  earmuffs, hat, scarf, gloves, long underwear, moisture-wicking sport bras & underwear.

The best rule of thumb is to dress as if it’s 10-15 degrees warmer than the current temp (or whenever you’ll be on your outing).  It might seem chilly when you start out, but once your body heats up, you should be quite comfortable.  If you are cold-natured, you might require thicker/more layers than someone else.  This is a great time to figure out what combination works best for YOU.  

SHOES - Shoes are THE single most important piece of equipment you’ll need to complete the 10k & your training!!  Please take time to visit one of the local running stores (3Sports, Road Runners, and Lucky Foot) to get fitted for new shoes.  Running shoes are typically lighter than walking shoes & the suggestion is to “size up” a half or whole size larger than your regular shoe size, as your feet will swell while walking or running.  Prepare for a bit of sticker-shock:  the average name-brand running shoes are priced about $80-$120 but when you cross the finish line on March 29th, you’ll be very glad you didn’t wear those tired ol’ shoes buried in the back of your closet used for errand-running or yard work!!  NOTE: mention your 10k Training Team participation & you may receive a 10% discount on your purchase

Shoe Clinics -

Tuesday, January 21 - Roadrunner Running Store (3002 W. Cary St.)

Thursday, January 23 - Roadrunner Running Store (3002 W. Cary St.)

Wednesday, January 29 - Roadrunner Running Store (3002 W. Cary St.)

SOCKS - Again…..NO COTTON!  Moisture-wicking socks (i.e. CoolMax, among others, and wool socks are great for cold toes) are also important for your feet & keep the blisters at bay too!  The running store folks can advise you on what would suit your needs best.  


                                                         WHAT TO EAT

Our Saturday outings might take place earlier than your normal breakfast time – or you might not be a “breakfast person” at all, but you will benefit tremendously from eating a little something prior to our weekly walk/runs.  Suggestions:  oatmeal or grits (the instant version of either – just add water!), bananas, bagels, peanut butter, energy or breakfast bar, yogurt with granola, cereal.  Be cautious with coffee, lots of dairy products or anything that gives you that “heavy” feeling (pancakes or a big glass of milk, for example) till after you’re done exercising.  

For anyone new to the Training Team, it’s a good practice to be mindful of what you eat the night before our Saturday runs.  Huge meals on a Friday night can equal a sluggish start to your Saturday morning & possibly wreak havoc on your digestive system too.  Because there are no bathrooms along our weekly routes, do what you can to avoid eating foods that might have you knocking on a stranger’s door out of necessity!  

One more essential ingredient – drink plenty of water throughout your training (& beyond)!  It helps flush toxins from your body, is beneficial to your skin, minimizes cramping & lubricates your joints.  Drink water whether the weather is hot or cold or in between – throw some Power Ade or Gator Ade in the mix, Crystal Light, iced tea…..whatever beverages will keep you from becoming dehydrated. Alcohol, sodas or super-sugary stuff are least helpful.

Make sure to eat and or drink after the outing.  The body is a sponge and wants to restore the reserves you have depleted.  You want to have something with a little protein and lots of carbohydrates.  If one of your goals in this training is to lose a few pounds, be careful that you are not taking in more calories than you are burning. Chocolate milk is a great recovery drink and tastes soooo good, but look for the non-fat variety.  


(along on your rear transformation outings)

Though we’re in a group setting on Saturdays, your other training outings might be done solo.  It’s always a good idea to bring some form of identification for those “just in case” experiences, even if you’re accompanied a friend or family member.  Something like, Road ID,, is  great when you go for a run,  a bike ride or even walk the dog – it provides your name, emergency contacts & necessary medical info should you ever be unable to convey it yourself.  

Other items you might find useful:  tissues, lip protector/gloss, keys (a retractable badge holder that you clip to the waistband of your pants – you can find these at office supply stores, or shoe pouch sold at most running stores), cell phone & a water bottle.  When it’s cold, keep gloves & either a fleece headband or cap handy in case the ears get cold.  Should you wish to use an iPod/MP3 player & headphones, please use only one earpiece & keep the volume low enough so you can hear approaching vehicles or coaches shouting instructions!!

As we progress through the next nine weeks leading up to the 10k, try out different things to see what suits you best, food & clothing-wise.  Even more important is to discover what doesn’t work.  By early March, you should begin to treat each group outing like race day: eating the proper foods Friday night & Saturday morning, checking the weather the night before to decide what layers to wear & also getting a good night’s sleep!    Oh yeah – and HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!!!


(some terrific websites for walking/running info

 & my favorite stores to find great fitness wear) (& Runner’s World magazine – great resource for runners & walkers alike)  (wearable ID tags, bracelets & anklets & other walking/running accessories) (cool & funky socks) (more cool & funky socks) (look under Outerwear for jackets, fleece, gloves, hats & long underwear; Activewear for pants & shirts) (plus-size fitness wear, bras) (more plus-size stuff & Champion fitness wear) (Buffs are versatile & wick moisture: can be made into a cap, headband, hairband, neckerchief, scrunchie, mask, balaclava) (comfy workout wear, great plus-size stuff) (cool headbands & hats) (fun headbands, running skorts & running belts)

STORES:  Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Old Navy, & JCPenney (for plus-size gals, their Xersion line of pants, tops & jackets are awesome!!)

All the coaches are here to make your Training Team experience fantastic, so please don’t hesitate to ask for our help or advice – that’s the reason we’re here!!  Good luck & most importantly:  HAVE FUN!!