Mad Lib type adventure thing-a-ma-bob

The party is relaxing at a ________________ when a mysterious cloaked ________________

                                             (place)                                                                   (kind of person)

hires them to find the fabled _______________ of _______________, which is hidden in a ruined

                                             (small object)              (famous person)

______________ on the far side of __________________ .

  (place)                                                (place)

Along the way the party with have to fight a ____________ and will have an opportunity to make


friends with ________________, but they’ll probably fight them too.  Once they have arrived at

                (famous monster)

the ruins they will have to survive the trap that drops a thousand ______________ on the party.

                                                                                                           (object, plural)

But the worst danger they will face is a ________ dragon that breathes ___________________.

                                                               (color)                                          (something dangerous)

If the party survives not only will they obtain their goal, but they will also find a ____________


made of solid _____________.