PM01 Introduction to Project Management

Basic Concepts, Management Tools, Goals, Deadlines, Handheld View

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Basic concepts of project management

Audio of tipp-pm tagged content

#Tipp-pm on Twitter

Tipp-pm on Flickr 

Topgold’s Project Management Set

Freshbooks Tipp-pm account

Importance of invoice management.

Task PM01 [15%]: Business Intelligence in Personal Google Profile.

Week One Recap (audio)

Week One Recap (text)

Week One Recap (video)

PM02 Introduction to Multimedia Projects

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Comparison of standard and multimedia project life cycles.

Strategy and tactics.

Milestones and goals.

Type of multimedia output as a discrete billable.

Verifying usage of Twitter.

Slideshow of Tipp-pm on Flickr.

Tipp-PM channel on Audioboo.

Foodcamp: strategy and tactics.

Digital Expression: strategy and tactics

Ballingarrane Creative Hub: strategy and tactics

Week Two Recap (audio)

Week Two Recap (text)

Week Two Recap (video)

Task PM02 [10%]: Produce a GANTT chart for a 90-day sw development project.

Hint: Download first when working with

PM03 Design Patterns

Conceptualising, brainstorming and building the idea.

MVC: Kalid Azad’s take (with a Ruby flavour)

PM04 Scoping a Project

Ascertaining the brief, clarify information, scope creep, Scope analysis techniques.

Task PM03 [5%]: Produce a Cacoo team chart. This means you either claim a drawn icon as "you" or drop yourself onto the canvas.  Then send a screenshot of your Canvoo avatar as an inline image to @topgold on Twitter with the hashtag #tipppm and a link back to the project canvas.

PM05 Proposing a Project

Components of Project Proposal.

PM06 Project Stages

Identifying, Logging and organising the project phases and tasks.

PM07 Creating a Project Schedule

Task durations, fixed date handling, dependencies.

PM08 Conflicts and Communications Introduction to Project Management

Conflict Resolution and Communication within a group.

PM09 Tracking Projects

Tracking against baseline schedule, milestone reviews, handling slippages.

PM10 Revision