Good Gentles,

Food allergies are a growing issue in our country, and the SCA is no exception.  They range in severity from exposure causing minor discomfort all the way to life-threatening anaphylaxis.  There is no cure for food allergies; avoidance is the only protection.  While feastcrats and kitchen staff are adopting strategies to accommodate food allergies, the populace at large also poses an unintentional risk to these individuals.  Queen Amber’s 9-year-old daughter is one of those impacted.  She is anaphylactic by touch (not just ingestion) to egg.  That means that (among other symptoms), her throat will close and a combination of Benadryl and Epinephrine will (hopefully) buy her enough time to reach a hospital.  

We would greatly appreciate your help in keeping her safe this weekend.  Here are a few simple precautions that make a world of difference while she is playing with the children:

(washing or wet wipes work well, but hand sanitizer only spreads the allergen)

(egg cartons, some paints such as tempura, candies, pastas, etc.)

We appreciate your understanding and consideration.

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Egg can also be listed as ovo-anything, whites (often in shampoos), yolks, albumen (normally in cosmetics), lysozyme, meringue, and surimi.