Using Blackboard IM

What is Blackboard IM?

Blackboard IM allows members of a course to communicate anytime, on any computer that has Blackboard IM installed, through instant messages (IM) or audio chats. Communication may take place between individuals or in groups.  Fully integrated into the UIC Blackboard system, students and teachers of the course are automatically connected.

Downloading & Installing Blackboard IM

To download and install Blackboard IM in your computer, follow these steps:

1. Log in to Blackboard using your netID & password

2. Click on the Courses tab and access any course

3. Click on Communication or Tools on the leftmost menu under the course name

4. Look for and click on Blackboard IM to access the download page.

5. Then, under Account Settings, create a new account and complete the registration form

6. A confirmation email is sent to the address provided

7. Check your email and click the confirmation link. Your account is then activated

8. Click the Windows Logo to download Blackboard IM for Windows (below)

9. Double-click the Blackboard IM icon that was downloaded. The Setup launches

10. Select a default language for the Blackboard IM Basic client

11. Review the license agreement and click I Agree

12. Select a location to install Blackboard IM

13. Click Install: Blackboard IM is installed and a confirmation screen will open

14. Select whether or not to run the program right away

15. Click Finish


 Logging In   

  1. Log in to Pronto using the ID and password that were created during the account creation process

  1. Select remember me to save the username and password
  2. Check sign in automatically if desired


Using Blackboard IM

Once logged into Pronto, the basic interface of Pronto will appear as below.




For a comprehensive Blackboard IM tutorial, please refer to the following document:

Blackboard IM - User Guide