CS 61A         Summer 2011                 Lab 10

1. For this lab you’ll need three people, each on a separate workstation.


One person should choose to be the server, and should do this:

> (load "~cs61a/lib/im-server.scm")

> (im-server-start)

Make a note of the IP address  and port number that this prints! The other people will be clients. They should do this:


> (load "~cs61a/lib/im-client.scm")

> (im-enroll "" 6543)   ; use actual numbers from server!


but using the server’s IP address instead of and the server’s port number  instead of 6543. (Note that the IP address  must be enclosed in quotation marks.)


The clients can then send each other messages:


> (im ’cs61a-xy "Hi there, how are you?")

The messages can’t include more than one line. A client can leave the IM system by running


> (im-exit)


The server can quit (which disconnects all the clients) with


> (im-server-close)


2. Start on the homework, since it’ll be easier to test your work with several people.