Thank you for purchasing the Braeburn for iPhone 5

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Braeburn for iPhone 5

Utilizing your existing Apple Lightning Cable, the Braeburn for iPhone 5 is a stylish dock with the following features:

Auricle Acoustic Amplifier - Louder sound from your iPhone 5 Speakers without any additional energy consumption
Microphone Port -
Take speakerphone and facetime calls with lifelike clarity.
Pass Through Lightning Dock Mount -
Lightning cable provides mechanical and electrical connection. 
Camera Tripod Adapter -
¼-20 Threaded fitting accepts standard camera tripod mount.

What’s Included

A) Braeburn for iPhone 5 Dock

B) Polycarbonate Base Plate
C) Base screws x 4

D) Set Screw

E) Adjustable Mounting Feet x 2 (Optional)

F) Double Sided Mounting Media (Optional)*

G) Silicone Pad (Optional)

What’s not included
Apple iPhone 5 - with or without case

Genuine Apple Lightning Cable

Setup - The Braeburn for iPhone 5 ships fully assembled, tested & ready for use. We have included the optional components to allow you to customize the Braeburn to suit your needs. Remove the Braeburn for iPhone 5 from it’s packaging. Locate the Adjustable mounting feet (E) Double Sided Mounting Tape (F) and Silicone Pad (G) and set them aside. We will cover the use of these optional components later.

Step 1

Locate your Lightning to USB cable. Loosen the set crew located on the back of the unit.

Insert the cable into the oblong hole on the bottom of the Braeburn for iPhone 5. Feed it completely through the dock.

Step 2

Rotate the Lightning connector 90 degrees. Insert it into the oblong slot. Gently push down, leaving most of the connector exposed.

Step 3a - iPhone 5 without case

Push the lightning connector down until you feel resistance. There will be a slight (1/32”) gap between the dock and your phone.

Locate the Silicone Pad provided with the Braeburn for iPhone 5. Place pad on the device by peeling and exposing the adhesive backing.

Gently tighten the Set Screw (4) so you can separate the iPhone and Braeburn without the cable pulling out.

Step 3b - iPhone 5 with case

Keep the lightning connector exposed. Push down with your phone.


For maximum sound amplification, there will be contact between the dock and your phone. This minimizes sound leak and optimizes the acoustic performance of  your Braeburn.

Gently tighten the Set Screw (4) so you can separate the iPhone and Braeburn without the cable pulling out. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

Step 4

From the bottom, you will see a small slot milled into the Braeburn. With a gentle tug, route the cable into the bottom slot so that it is slightly pinched to hold it in place. DO NOT PULL TOO TIGHTLY. The baseplate will provide enough clearance for the cable, and allow the Braeburn to sit flush with the table.


We have included a new double sided mounting technology from SCOTCH that is guaranteed to be NON MARKING, REUSABLE, REMOVABLE, RE-WASHABLE and PHOTO SAFE. It will allow you to mount your Braeburn and dock/undock with a single hand without fear of damaging your mounting surface.

To use, simply remove apply the double sided mounting media to the bottom of the Braeburn. Clean the mounting surface. Expose the adhesive, and press down firmly.

The dock should be securely mounted to your desk/nightstand/etc.

We have also included some threaded mounting feet which will allow the front of the dock to be raised and the angle adjusted to suit users needs.

Simply remove the 2 front Base screws (3) and replace them with the threaded mounting feet. Adjust the feet to the height and level desired.

You can also apply the double sided tape towards the back of the Braeburn to take advantage of both optional features at the same time.