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Bagnall, P. M. The Meteorite & Tektite Collectors Handbook: A practical guide to their acquisition, preservation and display (1991). Hardback with photographic boards. 160 pages. Excellent condition, inscribed and signed by the author. $275.

Barnes, V. & Barnes, M. Tektites (1973). Hardcover, no jacket. 445 pages. Excellent condition. $95.

Baxter J. & Atkins, T. The Fire Came By: The riddle of the great Siberian explosion (1976). Hardback with jacket. Excellent condition. $45.

Berger, M. Comets, Meteors and Asteroids (1981). Hardback, no jacket (likely never was one). 79 pages. For a younger audience. Fair condition with much shelfwear and library markings. $10.

Cooper, H. S. F. Moon Rocks (1970). Hardback with jacket. 197 pages. Excellent condition. $45.

Francis, C. A. & Phipps, M. A. Harvard University Catalogue of Meteorites (1978). Stapled papers. Excellent condition. 104 pages. $15.

Fuchs, L. H., Olsen, E. & Jensen, K. Mineralogy, Mineral-Chemistry, and Composition of the Murchison (C2) Meteorite (1973). Smithsonian Contributions to the Earth Sciences, No. 10. Paperback in hard covers. 39 pages. $50.

Gomes, C. B. & Keil, K. Brazilian Stone Meteorites (1980). Hardback, no jacket -likely was never one. 162 pages. Like new. $55.

Heide, F. Meteorites(1964). Paperback. 144 pages. Excellent condition. $55.

Hodge, P. Teacher’s Guide to Meteorites, revised and updated (2002). Paperback. 38 pages. $25.

Hutchison, R. & Graham, A. Meteorites (1993). Paperback. 60 pages. Includes note detailing Errata. $20.

Krinov, E. L. Giant Meteorites (1966). Hardback, no jacket. 397 pages. Very good condition. $275.

LaPaz, L. & LaPaz, J. Space Nomads: Meteorites in Sky, Field and Laboratory (1961). Hardback with jacket. Excellent condition, minor library markings. 187 pages. $125.

Lauber, P. Meteors and Meteorites: Voyagers from Space (1989). Paperback. 74 pages. For the young adult audience. Very good condition. $25.

LeMaire. T. R. Stones from the Stars: The unsolved mysteries of Meteorites (1980). Hardback with jacket. 185 pages. Excellent condition. $65.

Lucas, F. A. (revised by Reeds, C.) Meteorites, Meteors and Shooting Stars (1931). Guide leaflet No. 64, The American Museum of Natural History. Paperback. 23 pages. Very good condition with library mark on cover. $30.

Mason, B. Meteorites (1962). Hardback in jacket. Excellent condition. 273 pages. $250.

Maurette, M. Hunting for Stars (1993). Paperback. 186 pages. Excellent condition. $20.

McCall, G. J. Meteorites and their Origins (1973). Hardback with jacket. 352 pages. Excellent condition. $125.

Meadows, J. Space Garbage: Comets, Meteors and other Solar-System Debris (1985). Hardback with jacket. 160 pages. Excellent condition. $45.

Merrill, G. P. & Foshag, W. F. Minerals from Earth and Sky (1934). Smithsonian Scientific Series Hardback in cardboard case. Book is in excellent condition, case is in worn condition. $60.

Middlehurst, B. M. & Kuiper, G. P editors. The Moon, Meteorites and Comets (1963). Hardback, no jacket. 810 pages. Good condition, ex-library. $65.

Moore, C. B. editor. Researches on Meteorites (1962). Hardback with jacket. 227 pages. Excellent condition. $95.

Motylewski, K. The Revised Cambridge Chondrite Compendium: The second edition of a listing of all chondritic meteorites and their classification (1978). Stapled papers. 40 pages. $15.

Nininger, H. H. Our Stone Pelted Planet (1933). Hardback, no jacket. 237 pages. Excellent condition. $250.

Nininger, H. H. Our Stone Pelted Planet (1933). Hardback with jacket. 237 pages. Book is in very good condition, jacket in fair condition. Inscribed and signed by Nininger. $375.

Nininger, H. H. Find a Falling Star (1972). Paperback. 254 pages. Like new. $65.

Nininger, H. H. Find a Falling Star (1972). Hardback with jacket. 254 pages. Excellent condition. Inscribed (very interesting) to Charles Lewis and signed by Nininger. $450.

Nininger, H. H. Find a Falling Star (1972). Hardback with jacket. 254 pages. Excellent condition. Inscribed to Darryl Futrell and signed by Nininger. $350.

Nininger, H. H. Arizona’s Meteorite Crater: Past-Present-Future (1956). Hardback, missing jacket. Very good condition, ex-library with markings. $110.

Norton, O. R. Rocks from Space 2nd ed. (1998). Paperback. 447 pages. Like new. $29.

Pejovic, B. Man and Meteorites (1982). Hardback with jacket. 119 pages. Very good condition, ex-library with markings. $65.

Reeds, C. A. Catalogue of the Meteorites in the American Museum of Natural History as of October 1, 1935. Paperback. ~150 pages. Excellent condition. $45.

Reynolds, M. D. Falling Stars: A guide to Meteors and Meteorites (2001). Paperback. 148 pages. Excellent condition. $5.

Sipiera, P. Meteorites (A new true book) (1994). Paperback. 48 pages. For the younger audience. Excellent condition, signed by the author. $20.

Szep, R. A. The Definitive Book on Meteorites (publisher’s draft, never published- only a few exist). Stapled pages. 79 pages. Inscribed and signed. Very good condition. $40.

Thomas. P. Impacts Majeurs (2002). In French. Details many famous meteorites, many excellent photographs. Paperback. 79 pages. Excellent condition. $20.

Wasson, J. T. Meteorites: Classification and Properties. (1974). Hardback, no jacket. 316 pages. Excellent condition. $75.

Wasson, J. T. Meteorites: Their Record of Early Solar-System History (1985). Hardback, no jacket. 267 pages. Very good condition. $55.

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