ICS Calendar Title: Liberal Theory and Its Critics

ICS Course Code: ICS 22060 F11

Instructor: Dr. Shannon Hoff, shoff@icscanada.edu, 416.979.2331 ext. 232

Term and Year: Tuesdays, 1:30-4:30 pm, Fall 2011

Last Updated: October 11, 2011

Course Description

Liberalism is not just a theoretical political idea, but is the central idea behind the cultural revolution that brought into being and defined the modern Western world. In the first half of the course we will study the most powerful articulations of this politics of modernity in John Locke, Adam Smith, and John Rawls. Though this vision remains powerfully formative of contemporary culture, there has nevertheless developed, over the last two hundred years, a different cultural vision—both within and outside of the world of Western modernity. In the second half of the course we will read three authors who, while respectful of central principles of liberalism, nonetheless challenge this politics of modernity: the contemporary Canadian philosopher John Russon, the post-colonial Algerian philosopher Frantz Fanon, and the founding figure of existential phenomenology, Martin Heidegger. Each of these writers in different but related ways argues that the vision of human individuals that underlies classic liberalism rests on an insufficient appreciation of the social and intersubjective dynamism that underlies that individualist vision.  

Course Materials (to be purchased at Bob Miller Book Room, 180 Bloor St. W.)

Frantz Fanon, Wretched of the Earth (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: DT33 .F363 1968)

Martin Heidegger, Basic Writings (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: B3279 .H47 E5 2008)

John Locke, Second Treatise on Government (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JC153 .L95 1966)

John Rawls, Theory of Justice (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JC578 .R38 c.1)

John Russon, Bearing Witness to Epiphany (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: BD450 .R788 2009 ; Robarts Library: BD450 .R788 2009X)

Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: HB161 .S65 1937)

Course Requirements

Class Participation        15%

Each course member is required to do the reading assignment and participate in class discussions. Good participation is mindful of and conducive to the contributions of others and the experience

of the class as a whole, and should be neither excessive nor absent.

Presentation        30%

Each course participant will give one presentation on a course reading.

Research Paper        55%

A final draft of the paper is due on January 13. A 100- to 500-word abstract is due on December 6. I encourage you to hand in earlier drafts of the paper in order to get feedback from me.

Course Schedule

September 13                Introduction

September 20                Locke, from Second Treatise on Government

September 27                Locke, from Second Treatise on Government

October 4                        Smith, from The Wealth of Nations

October 11                        Rawls, from A Theory of Justice

October 18                        Rawls, from A Theory of Justice

October 25                        No Class: Reading Break

November 1                        Russon, from Bearing Witness to Epiphany

November 8                        Russon, from Bearing Witness to Epiphany


November 15                             Fanon, “On Violence,” from Wretched of the Earth


November 22                        Fanon, “On Violence,” from Wretched of the Earth

November 29                        Heidegger, “Letter on Humanism,” in Basic Writings 

December 6                         Heidegger, “Question Concerning Technology,” in Basic Writings

Paper Abstract Due

December 13                Heidegger, “Question Concerning Technology,” in Basic Writings 

January 13                        Final Paper Due

Other Recommendations and Resources

Bruce Ackerman, Social Justice in the Liberal State (Robarts Library: JC571 .A135)

Aristotle, Politics (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JC71 .A41 S5)

Robert Audi, Religious Commitment and Secular Reason (Robarts Library: BL65 .P7 A84 2000)

Robert Audi and Nicholas Wolterstorff, Religion in the Public Square (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: BL65 .P7A83 1997)

Shlomo Avineri and Avner de-Shalit, eds., Communitarianism and Individualism (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JC571 .C642 1992)

Alain Badiou, Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: BJ1402 .B3313 2001)

Brian Barry, The Liberal Theory of Justice (Robarts Library: JC578 .B36)

Robert Bellah, Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: E169.12 .H33)

Seyla Benhabib, Another Cosmopolitanism (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JZ1308 .B48 2006)

__________,  The Claims of Culture (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: HM631 .B45 2002)

__________, The Rights of Others (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JF799 .B44 2004)

Isaiah Berlin, Four Essays on Liberty (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JC585 .B418)

Wendy Brown, States of Injury (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JA74 .B724 1995X)

__________, Regulating Aversion (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: HM1271 .B76 2006 ; St. Michael's College Library: HM1271 .B76 2006 )

Wendy Brown and Janet Halley, eds., Left Legalism, Left Critique (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: KF380 .L44 2002)

Allen E. Buchanan, Marx and Justice (Robarts Library: HX39.5 .B79)

Judith Butler and Joan Scott, Feminists Theorize the Political (Trinity College Library: HQ1190 .F48 1992)

S. L. Carter, “Liberalism’s Religion Problem,” in First Things (UTL e-journal: check UTL catalogue)

Jonathan Chaplin, “Beyond Liberal Restraint” in University of British Columbia Law Review (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: K230 .U33 2000)

__________, “How Much Cultural and Religious Pluralism Can Liberalism Tolerate?” in Liberalism, Multiculturalism and Toleration (Robarts Library: HM276 .L465 1993)

__________, “Rejecting Neutrality, Respecting Diversity” in Christian Scholar’s Review (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: PER)

William Connolly, Why I Am Not a Secularist (St. Michael's College Library: BL65 .P7 C66 1999)

David Gray Carlson, Drucilla Cornell, and Michel Rosenfeld, eds., Deconstruction and the Possibility of Justice (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: K246 .D43 1992)

Drucilla Cornell, At the Heart of Freedom (Robarts Library: HQ1233 .P4 C647 1998)

__________, Defending Ideals (Robarts Library: JA71 .C598 2004X and available as an e-book through the UTL system)

Jacques Derrida, Specters of Marx (Robarts Library: HX39.5 .D4613 1994)

__________, “Force of Law,” in Acts of Religion (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: B2430 .D484 D46 2002)

Herman Dooyeweerd, The Roots of Western Culture (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: BR115 .C5 D6613)

Gerald Doppelt, “Rawls’ System of Justice: A Critique from the Left,” in Nous (UTL e-journal)

Ronald Dworkin, Law’s Empire (Robarts Library: K230 .D9 L39 1986)

__________, Taking Rights Seriously (Robarts Library: K240 .D86)

Amitai Etzioni, ed., New Communitarian Thinking (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: HM216 .N44 1995X)

Douglas Farrow, ed., Recognizing Religion in a Secular Society (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: BL65 .P7 R37 2004)

Réal Fillion, Multicultural Dynamics and the Ends of History (Robarts Library: D16.8 .F522 2008)

Stanley Fish, The Trouble with Principle (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: B105 .P7 F57 1999X)

Michel Foucault, Society Must Be Defended (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: B2430 .F723 F3813 2003X)

Nancy Fraser, Justice Interruptus: Critical Reflections on the “Postsocialist” Condition (JC578 .F73 1997 ; New College Library: JC578 .F696 1997)

Elizabeth Frazer and Nicola Lacey, The Politics of Community: A Feminist Critique of the Liberal-Communitarian Debate (Robarts Library: HQ1190 .F73 1993)

William Galston, Liberal Purposes: Goods, Virtues, and Duties in the Liberal State (Robarts Library: JC571 .G285 1991)

Robert Goodin and Philip Pettit, A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy (Robarts Library: JA71 .C565 2007  v.1-2)

Amy Guttman, ed., Multiculturalism and the ‘Politics of Recognition’ (ICS Library Reserve shelf: E184 .A1 M84 1994)

John Gray, Liberalism (Robarts Library: JC585 .G735 1995)

Jürgen Habermas, The Theory of Communicative Action (ICS Library Reserve Shelf (under -  L. Zuidervaart's Habermas course reserve shelf: HM24 .H3313 v.1-2)

__________, Religion and Rationality (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: BL51 .H23 2002)

G. W. F. Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: B2928 .E5 M54 1977)

__________, Philosophy of Right (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: K230 .H43 G7813 2005)

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JC153 .H65 1960)

Michael Ignatieff, The Rights Revolution (Robarts Library: JC599 .C2 I36 2007)

David Ingram, Group Rights: Reconciling Equality and Difference (Robarts Library: JF1061 .I54 2000X)

Luce Irigaray, The Irigaray Reader (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: HQ1206 .I73 1991)

__________, Democracy Begins Between Two(ICS Library Reserve Shelf: HQ1236 .I7413 2001)

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__________, The Metaphysics of Morals (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: K457 .K3 L3)

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__________, Politics in the Vernacular (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JF1061 .K964 2001)

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__________, Whose Justice? Which Rationality? (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: B105 .J87 M33)

Paul Marshall, “Dooyeweerd’s Empirical Theory of Rights” in The Legacy of Herman Dooyeweerd (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: B4051 .D64 L43)

Karl Marx, “Alienated Labour”

__________, Capital (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: HB501 .M3633 v.1-3)

__________, German Ideology (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: BX276 .M2782 1970)

__________, On the Jewish Question (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: HX39.5 .A224 1963)

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__________, Sex and Social Justice (Robarts Library: HQ1150 .N87 1999X ; and e-book available through the UTL system)

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John Rawls, Kantian Constructivism in Moral Theory” (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JC578 .R39)

__________, “The Idea of an Overlapping Consensus” (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JC578 .R37 1993)

__________, “The Priority of Right and Ideas of the Good” ICS Library Reserve Shelf: JC578 .R39)

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__________, Obligations of Citizenship and Demands of Faith (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: BL65 .P7 O36 2000)

John Russon, Human Experience (ICS Library Reserve Shelf: On Order – will be shelved with the S. Hoff's course 'Person, Family, Society)

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