Google E-Mail Instructions (G-Mail)

Step 1:  Log onto computer internet (if the internet is not already on, click the icon for the internet – it may be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla FireFox)

Step 2:  Enter the internet address 

             This should be put in the internet address box at the top of the page.  


Step 3:  Press the ENTER key

Step 4:  Across the top of the page is a black strip with words on it.  One of the words is “GMAIL.”  Click the mouse on that.



Step 5: When the GMAIL page comes up, there are two boxes toward the right of the page.  One is for your E-mail address.  The second one is for your password.


Enter your E-Mail address which is:   ______________________________


Enter your password:  ___________________________________________

Step 6:  Your e-mail inbox should appear.  You can click on the subject for each piece of incoming mail to open it and read it.  

Step 7:  When you finish reading a piece of mail, click the arrow to return to the Inbox.