This afternoon Habiba has been able to visit her daughter for an hour and to tell you the truth she has come out full of pain, helplessness and anger. Today, unlike other days, for the first time since they’ve been separated, Alma wanted to suck, she was looking for her mother’s breast, Habiba said: It felt as if her child suddenly remembered the way they were before, when they were together. And then Habiba has offered her breast to Alma, and just when the child was just beggining to latch on, one of the many observers who are present at every visit, has said loud and forcefully: "NO", Alma got frightened and moved her head away from her mother’s breast. Habiba has felt intimidated and mistreated again.

When Habiba was telling me this, full of rage and impotence, she asked me but ... Why do not want my daughter to love me, why do they do this? Habiba is very worried, she sees her daughter very sad, she says they are changing Alma, nothing is the same, she wants her daughter NOW, NOW, NOW, the next visit is not until next Tuesday.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Let’s  do everything in our power to put an end to this horror.Let’s make sure our protest and indignation is heard and let’s end this horror.