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New Fight For The Future Video Tears Apart PROTECT IP Act

As House version of bill is introduced, group asserts legislation will "break the Internet"


As the House of Reps introduces its version of the PROTECT IP Act, advocacy group Fight For the Future has released a video called "PROTECT IP will break the Internet," produced by Kirby Ferguson.


It explicates the severe failings of the bill -- which would give the government new powers to block Americans' access to websites accused of copyright infringement.  It comes as the House of Reps introduces its version of the bill -- which is far broader in scope, and far more dangerous.


The video may be viewed at http://fightforthefuture.org/pipa/

If this bill passes, the government can put your kids in jail for singing a song online, and block your access to the best sites on the internet." said FFTF co-founder Holmes Wilson, "It's a staggering blow to the public interest."

Fight for the Future's "Free Bieiber" campaign has received 82,000 signatures and has been covered in Washington Post, and the Hill.

Kirby Ferguson is a writer, director, and editor known for his work on the Everything is a Remix series.  http://www.kirbyferguson.com/