1. Candlewood Ridge – Carriage Wood Homeowners’ Association

Minutes of the Meeting

May 17, 2011

The following is a summary of the meeting minutes and is not yet approved by the board.

Board Members Present:  Curt Whitaker, George McGill, John Utz, Valerie Frazier, Don Nelson

Others Present: 4  Homeowners

This monthly meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. at the King County Sheriff’s Office – Fairwood Storefront.  

Fire Department Report:  Graduation time is coming and brings with it a greater risk to young drivers-please be aware. Please visit http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/parentguide/pdf for more information.

Recent events in Japan bring the need to be prepared into focus. Please visit http://www.kingcounty.gov/safety/prepare/news/2011/March/25EarthquakeSafety.aspx for information on how to prepare for and stay safe during an Earthquake.

Calls for the month have been normal.

Police Report:  Not present  but the following written report was shared:

In April 176 cases reports were generated for Fairwood area (not all service calls generate a case).  Only three occurred in our neighborhood. There was one car prowl and two fraud reports.  My activity during the 16 hours was as follows:

Traffic Contacts: 9

Parking Contacts:18

Park Contacts: 2

One incident occurred where a woman called 911 to report she’d found a potential bomb in Carriage Wood’s park. Upon investigation the item was a cup with aluminum foil inside it that had been presumably dropped from a parked vehicle and appears to be the remnants of some drug activity. No witnesses were found, nor was any vehicle description available. I will make more checks of the area both on and off duty. If you have any questions feel free to contact me-Officer Sam Shirely

Approval of Last Month’s Minutes:  A motion was made to approve the April board meeting minutes. Signing of the minutes took place by the board.  

Homeowner Concerns:

Homeowner reports he almost hit a teenage who ran into the street after a basketball. He asked if basketball hoops are approved for such use. The answer was provided that they are not allowed if they are fixed onto the building but if they are portable they are generally allowed.  The Homeowner thinks the hoop in question may not be approved. He was asked to write up a formal complaint and submit it so the board can review the installation.  Reminder to all parents: please remind your children to take care when playing near streets.

A homeowner brought up a complaint regarding the Easter Egg Hunt event-specifically the event was started early and was not well controlled. The board acknowledges the event did not go as planned. The board offers sincere apologies and is working to reassess the event planning process.

Committee Reports:  

Treasurer’s Report: 

The HOA is still receiving payments for this year’s dues, so income is up.  We have 19 troubled accounts.

1 quarter late  - 43 accounts

2 quarters late – 4 accounts

3 quarters late – 1 accounts

4 quarters or more late -19 accounts

We are on budget with all expenses with the exception of legal expenses. Will meet with the legal chairperson to review significant late HO dues and/or fines/

ACC Report:     

ACC requests were submitted for the following projects:

One warning letter was sent for a driveway in an unauthorized location.

Visited one HO regarding front yard complaints-they are working with the board.

3 New Rentals W/O agreements. The Vice president will follow up with them.

HO Question: How did you find out about these rentals?  Answer: These were existing rentals that have new tenants and the HOA needs the new agreements and to deliver a welcome packet.

  1. Reminder - Our CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations clearly state that exterior projects such as roofs, painting, fencing, decks, driveways, major landscaping and patios require the submission and approval of an ACC request before commencing the project. The ACC has up to 30 days to respond to an ACC request but tries to respond much sooner than that. It is recommended that if a response to an ACC request has not been received within two weeks, the homeowner should contact the ACC Chairman via email at architecture@crcwhoa.org or by leaving a voice message at 425-738-8611. For emergency type repairs notify the ACC Chairman as indicated above and mention that it is an emergency type situation. Please do not contact the ACC chairman via a home phone number.
  2. A notebook with samples of colors that provide a range of colors that meet HOA guidelines for repainting homes is available and will be provided upon request. Please contact the ACC chairman as indicated above if you would like to see it.
  3. Please remember we do not accept ACC request forms via email. Please mail them to CR/CW HOA, PO Box 58397, Renton, WA 98058

Common Areas Maintenance Report:

Reminder: Our parks are private parks which exist for the use and enjoyment of HOA residents, their families and guests. They are not public parks. Our park usage rules apply to everyone. Following are some of the rules that have been established to maximize safety, and minimize liability and maintenance cost:

A. Park Hours: 9:00 am to dusk.

B. No Smoking, alcohol, drugs, loud music, golfing, motorized vehicles or Fireworks are allowed.

C. Animals must be leashed and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals.

Complaints Negotiations Report:  

As of May 16th, 2011:

We have 6 Accounts with ongoing fines (5 with the attorney and 1 is new and has been warned that additional fines will begin on 5/23/2011 unless new violations are resolved);

We have 3 violations that we are working on and are at the first letter/second letter stage;

We have 1 violation at the 3rd and final letter stage.

All other inquiries/complaints were handled during the month.

Capital Improvement Committee:

Please contact the board if you have any ideas for Capital Improvements.        

Legal and Insurance Report: 

Distressed properties: mainly dealing with ongoing issues with a few troubled accounts.

A house on 159th is not occupied and the yard needs attention. Board will have Canber bid the job and bill the property holder. Research will be done on the address for a contact.

Nominating Committee

November 1st at 7pm the Nominating Committee will hold a “Meet and Greet”.  A post card will be sent, hopefully with the Summer event listed.   Motion to approve $1000 for printing and sending of the postcard. Motion Tabled.

Rental Home / Change of Address Committee 

Changes of Address and Rentals

Old Business:

Summer event is still in process. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the HOA board at info@crcwhoa.org or 425-738-8611.

The welcoming committee position still remains open and in need of a volunteer.

New Business:   

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05

Welcoming Committee – If you are new to the neighborhood and would like an HOA information packet, call the HOA phone number at 425-738-8611 and leave a voice message or send an email request to info@crcwhoa.org.

Three welcome packets were delivered since last meeting.

Special Topics:  Visit our Website and contact the HOA via Email at:

Web –    www.crcwhoa.org 

Email –  info@crcwhoa.org 

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 pm.

Next Board Meetings:

Meetings are usually held at 7:00 pm. at the Sheriff’s Office, Albertson’s Shopping Center.

All Homeowners are welcome to attend.  

  1. Candlewood Ridge / Carriage Wood Announcements & Reminders

*ACC Requests - The HOA CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations documents clearly state that exterior projects such as roofs, painting, fencing, decks and patios require the submission and approval of an ACC request before commencing the project.  The ACC has up to 30 days to respond to an ACC request but tries to respond much sooner.  It is recommended that if a response to an ACC request has not been received within two weeks, the homeowner contact the ACC Chairperson via email at architecture@crcwhoa.org or by leaving a voice message at 425-227-4227.  ACC request forms can be found in the Fairwood Flyer or on the HOA website at www.crcwhoa.org.  Please do not contact the ACC Chairperson via a home phone number.

*Carriage Wood and Candlewood Ridge Parks – A policy has been established to maximum safety, minimize liability and maintenance costs, while allowing homeowners of the association to enjoy our parks.  Rules to accomplish this include:

Please report suspicious activity in the parks by calling 911.  Reference case number 09-179682 when calling.

*HOA Website - Visit the CR/CW HOA website at www.crcwhoa.org to read messages on our Bulletin Board, monthly meeting Minutes, Rules and Regulations documents and much more!

*Trash and Recycle Receptacles – A friendly reminder to homeowners that Garbage Cans, Recycle and Yard Waste Receptacles are to be properly stored behind a fence or inside the garage where they are not visible from the street.  

*Webmaster:  Our last webmaster has moved from our neighborhood, therefore we are in need of someone take over this function.  The person should be familiar with maintaining Google websites and email accounts.  Please contact us if you are interested in this volunteer position.