SS 207:  Challenge Course I

Fall  2012

Instructors:        Anne Morse

Credits        3

Prerequisite        none

Required Texts:        Sterling College Challenge Course Manual

        The Guide for Challenge Course Operations-Project Adventure

Supplementary        Adventure Programming- Miles & Priest        

Readings        Controversial Issues in Adventure Education- Wurdinger & Potter

        Processing the Experience- Nadler & Luckner

Course Objectives:   Students will be able to identify, use, and safely facilitate the use of a variety of high and low challenge course elements.   Students will be able to check a challenge course element for safety, provide necessary safety briefings to participants, safely manage the activity, and provide a debriefing.  Students will begin to explore skills for facilitating the transfer of learning, and explore the educational applications of challenge course use.  Students will receive intensive professional development through feedback and self-evaluation, and will increase their own confidence and competence in confronting physical and interpersonal challenges.

Format         Weekly meetings will focus initially on familiarizing students with the Sterling College Challenge Course.  Students will explore our existing elements and practice safe supervision of participants, including belay techniques and belay supervision.  Readings will focus on a range of topics ranging from the history and philosophy behind Challenge Course use to exploration of issues such as certification, risk management, and the educational benefits of challenge course programs.  Beginning in the third or fourth week of class, students will be delivering programs to a variety of client groups.  

Evaluation:        1) Portfolio (15%)

        2) Facilitation of ice-breakers (5%)

        3) Facilitation of in-class programs (25%)

        4) Facilitation of out-of-class program(s) (30%)

        5) Helping with Hardwick REACH! program (20%)

6) Additional project (5%)

7) Professionalism: Any unexcused absence will mean at least 5%                    deduction from overall course grade.