Discussion forums are centrally located in the Discussion Board tool of your course, but they can be linked to from any course content area. The Discussion Board tool lists every discussion board of a Blackboard course, including those that are specific to groups.

  1. Click on the Discussion Board link on the course menu.  Alternatively, select Course Tools on the Control Panel, then choose Discussion Board on the expanded menu.

  1. A list of discussion forums is displayed.  The total number of posts within the forum is displayed.  If a forum contains posts which you have not yet reviewed, the forum title is displayed in bold and the number of unread posts is shown.

  1. Click the name of the forum to enter.

  1. The content of a forum can be accessed in two different views.

List View:  All parent threads that have been created within a forum are presented as stand alone messages.  The thread title must be clicked to view the original post and replies within.

Tree View:  Thread contents can be expanded and collapsed to select original posts and replies on a single page.  To expand or collapse a thread, click the plus or minus icon to the left of the original post title.

Collecting Messages

You can “collect” messages to display multiple posts on a single page.  To do so:

  1. Access the forum.
  2. Use the checkbox to the left of individual threads to select multiple threads for collection.  Use the select all box to collect every message posted in the forum.

  1. Click the Collect button.  The selected messages will be displayed on one page for easy viewing and printing.

Using the Searching Tool

The search function appears at the top of the page throughout the discussion board.  The search feature includes a keyword field, date restrictions, and options for where to search.  

By default, searches are performed at the current level of view.  For example, if you are within a specific forum, your default search will only search threads within that forum.  You can select to search in upper levels as well and even search All Forums in Course.