1. Go to

2. Sign up for an account using your email. Your username should be first initial, last name (example: LLayman). If it is already taken, add your favorite number (LLayman123).

3. Click HERE to be taken to your document (both of you will be editing).

*You and your partner will be working on this document together. You should be using the tools in Crocodoc (highlight, comment, add text, etc) to help you understand and analyze the article. *Mark any words, lines, or sections of the text that “stick out” for you. (The passages might be important, puzzling, curious, provocative, or well written.)

*I also encourage you to talk about your articles (the computer doesn’t have to completely replace the person!).

Some questions for you...(may answer by adding comments - insert -> comment)

*What are the main points, ideas and arguments in this article?

*What were your feelings and responses to this article?

*What personal connections did you make? Did it remind you of anything in your real life?

*Did it make you think of anything in the news, around school, or in material you have read?

*What did you find that was new or interesting in your article?

*What did you find that contradicts (opposite) of what you thought before?


*Gather information about the topic.

*Form opinions about the topic (with the help of the above questions).

*Be able to discuss the topic tomorrow (in an educated manner).


*You do not have to understand every word. Some of the articles are longer and more complicated than others. Work with your partner to understand as much of the article as possible.

*Keep in mind that the person who wrote this article also has bias. Try to understand where he/she is coming from (empathy).

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